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HBO NOW: Watch Game of Thrones

Directed by HBO
Entertainment · 17+


With HBO NOW you can watch big premieres as they air—plus your favorite episodes of HBO’s addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, My Brilliant Friend, and so much more. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone’s talking about. Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up for your free trial (afterward just $14.99/month. Free trial is for new customers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer at Cancel anytime. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2018 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO NOW® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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itunes subscription required? Really? I mean REALLY? (2/5)
Ok, so apparently if you ever want to watch on your phone you need to make sure you subscribe to HBONOW through iTunes. Because that’s the only way the app will allow you to log in. Really? Really. So if you bought a subscription on good luck I guess. - Swachtma

For Game of Thrones. You deserve that! (1/5)
1 star for Game of thrones you deserve that!!!!! - SherikCheetah

Horrible UI (1/5)
weird they charge premium for their Channel and app use. Selecting a show is unnecessarily complicated. There is no way to properly preview. If during a show your fingers touch another icon the show will be interrupted and random other show swiped will start. And the app is so poorly designed. And sadly it’s performance is also lacking. It crashes often... reboots... freezes etc I understand app being buggy if this is a free app and I didn’t pay for subscription to HBO. - Bryan K

Best app ever... not (1/5)
Amazing shows, horrible app - nef1222222

Why do I have to set subtitles every time for the next episode in the series? (1/5)
WHYYYY....??? - Rpaliwal

Worst service ever (1/5)
Worst streaming service every!!! Can’t even watch anything, it’s always buffering never playing anything. If you can’t get a service that actually delivers don’t put one out!!! - thiscomeone

HBO now (1/5)
This app was terrible ! I only ordered it to watch the last season of “game of thrones”, as HBO was no longer carried by my tv carrier (Dish). The app was extremely slow in connecting and blacked out often, having me to go through all of those tediously slow steps to reconnect . It was NOT my WiFi nor my high speed Internet, either. This gave me more stress than my job! I cancelled it unfortunately the day the next month renewed, I wish to get this refunded. - proudly dislike this app

Stellar content, terrible app (2/5)
First of all, this is not a review of the content HBO provides. It is absolutely outstanding. I’ve found enough high quality things to watch on HBO Now, enough that I’ve cut out other video streaming services for now. Now the bad... This app design is awful. I use it for 2 basic purposes, and it doesn’t manage either of these tasks well: 1) To discover content 2) To continue watching content I’m already in the middle of, be it movie or series HBO needs to step up their user experience on this app. Thankfully, for the time being, Apple’s native TV app has filled much of the void created by this app by organizing my “Up Next” list and making it easy to navigate. Keep up the great work on your content. Get to work on your app! - jaredripp

No Offline Content (3/5)
Works fine. I like that whatever I’m currently watching is synched between platforms. 3 stars because I cannot download a show to watch while flying or similar, because access to HBO is overpriced, and because there is no LGBT content category and extremely limited content for gay women. - CeebsBerry

Constant Error (1/5)
Almost every time I use this app to watch something it gives me error service code. Probably will delete it not even worth the time. - MUDD29

No more free trial, horrible UX (1/5)
HBO charges premium prices. Content is good, but the delivery is so so miserable. Need to be charging $7.99/month till a decent product is put together. Can not pay such high prices for such low quality. Yay, they used to give 30 free. Not going to bother signing up. The price is higher and less is given to see if I like it. Feels like taking care of customers is being sacrificed for more money. Can’t support that. Especially when the delivery is awful. The HBO website is absolutely horrible. Want to rewind something in full screen? No, sorry. The buttons are there, but play/pause is the only thing that happens no matter where you click. Want to watch the next episode? Good luck finding it, and getting frustrated when everything on the screen is not what you want, and go through 10 different links before you get there. The next episode shows up on the bottom of the web page, which is somewhat helpful, unless you are in full screen because clicking it only pauses what you are currently watching! Exit full screen, and the link goes away. Now that AT&T owns HBO, they brought their awful customer service. After updating this review 3 times as discovered more poor need to warn people about, each time I got the same copy and pasted response. That they will forward to developers. I have watched AT&T cheat and screw over 3 friends with their horrible service, so now HBO will likely do they same... No way am I going to pay. - dieing for the daily show fix!

Horrible App (1/5)
I have a hard time believing that it can’t find my iTunes, Apple TV or amazon subscription. I prefer Amazon Prime model where I pay as I go or by season. It’s taking far too long to mess with, just to watch one show. This is the second time I tried to use HBO and it’s just not worth a third attempt. - Elsa M. Remington

More like “HBO Sometimes” (1/5)
I figured it was time to finally sign up to watch game of thrones. Too bad the app won’t let me. 14.99/month for a garbage app that has to be reinstalled to start each episode? Absolutely not! I’m canceling after day one of the free trial because I don’t want to run the risk of paying one cent for this junk! I’m not sure if you know this, HBO, but there are a dozen other streaming services out there. And they actually work for half the price! I got more error messages in one day with HBO, than I’ve had over the last year with Netflix. Good luck with your half baked business model. You must have given up when you realized we’re all just looking for something to do until Disney launches. - bmusante

Crap ap (1/5)
Cannot even watch a movie for 10 minutes without it stopping every 5 seconds. Don’t say it’s my internet connection either. I stream Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime videos all day long without a single hiccup. Strongly recommend you do not waste your money on this service . - Panickattackk

Not worth a rating (1/5)
Very frustrating in general if I use HBO Now on my computer or the app its constantly lagging. I have restarted both devices signed out and signed back in and still Lagging. I’ve even tried to pause the show to see if it was a loading issue that didn’t work either. It’s so annoying to try and watch a movie or a show to have it constantly pausing. I also have Netflix, Hulu and I don’t have this problem. Also I thought when you signed up for HBO Now you got a 7 free trail. I was charged 16.26 right off the bat. Its been 12 hrs since I got the subscription. so I will definitely be canceling my subscription. $16 down the drain for nothing. - Jayhawk312

Not Bad... But Not Worth It (3/5)
I have had this app for quite awhile. It’s kind of hard to find things unless your searching for something in particular. The selection is good sometimes and others there’s nothing to watch. There are a couple series I really liked so I stuck with it. Over the winter I decided to be frugal and cancel my subscription. I now decided I missed it so I just went to renew my subscription and to my shock it’s now $14.99 a month!!!! It was $7.99, less than six months ago. That’s crazy to me, I guess it’s because I’m not into GOT the offerings are just not worth that price. I’ll stick to Netflix. - Rhapsody13

Chernobyl Bangerzzzzz (5/5)
Its 15000 and snowing. I could watch Chernobyl 24/7 greatestttt thing on eeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrttttttthhhhhh - Legasov boyyyyyyyy

Constantly crashes (2/5)
The is the most unreliable app on my phone. It constantly crashes whenever I attempt to stream shows on our tv. - mnmbjhb

Vox (1/5)
I have to cancel any service that provides Nazi vox a platform!! - some-guy___

Needs an update (3/5)
Keeps saying “video unable to play” in the middle of watching something 5 times before I can get it to work if I’m lucky. It’s a good app I just can’t friggin watch something for 10 minutes without it not wanting to work. It used to be just fine. Please update the app - The stony balony

Big. Little liar (4/5)
I like the first season it was great,can’t wait for second season. - Lsdeljh

Casting doesn’t work (1/5)
Can’t pause or rewind - Brudzy

Difficulty in canceling my subscription (1/5)
I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to cancel my subscription. No menu is available on my settings on iPhone. I am sick of this. - Kjbbsm35

Buffering (2/5)
Buffers and buffers and buffers. Not my connection either, as all my other apps & streaming services are fine. Uber Ben deleted and redownloaded the app a few times. - kayyshankk

Ads? (2/5)
Really? $15 a month and you have to watch an ad at the beginning of every episode? Pretty greedy. Not to mention the buffering issue. - Dani-2010

Poor App (1/5)
Casting doesn’t work and the app by itself if spotty at best. It’s hardly worth it now. I may cancel as it clear it’s not getting better. I never post reviews but HBO deserves hate. - NEB1216

Try Again (1/5)
I have tried and tried to get the app to work with no luck. Guess I will cancel my subscription. - Jay4vs

Hangs and buffers (1/5)
I have excellent internet. Sometimes the app will stream fine. Then, suddenly, it’ll hang and buffer. Just as a test to be absolutely certain that it’s not just a fluke, 3 times it buffered for 30 or more minutes before I finally gave up and killed the app. - kcdebris

Charging me double a month!!! (1/5)
HBO makes it next to impossible to cancel your subscription and now I see they have been charging my bank account two times a month! This is robbery! Do not sign up for this ssrbicey! - Afton rocks

HBO now app (4/5)
I am being charged 2x a month for this and it has been happening for well over 3months now can you please reimburse me my payments please and thank you.....Nas - Nashima K

Disappointing (1/5)
No download feature. So useless in areas where internet is slow or unavailable. Looks like Netflix is my go to solution for a while. Goodbye HBO - CodemonkeyPi

Middle East (2/5)
We need hbo work in Middle East - otaibi82

Help (2/5)
Your app on the PS4 quits all playback when I pull the PlayStations menu up, basically I can’t turn off the remote after i play a 3 hour movie please fix, and in general your search engine could be a lot better. Thanks ! If you fix I’ll change to 5 stars 😁 - Larry9113

HBO ruins their shows (1/5)
I subscribed for many years mainly for my favorite show. Then they threw GoT down the toilet. It's a lot of money & now I'm not going to watch shows only for them to abandoned it to bad quality or whatever in the last seasons. Canceled subscription so don't need this poorly functioning app anyway - RBall03

Video Casting Problems (4/5)
When I’m casting a video from my phone to the tv it will only cast to Chromecast devices. It will not cast to my Samsung Smart TV with HBO Now App. Also. Because of this. I have to manually scroll through a movie where I left of. And it takes too long to fast forward because it goes one second at a time. It should have a feature where it scrolls at least 10 seconds forward or back. - Fishflyzz

Great content, ruined by sub par app (2/5)
User interface frustrating, most importantly content very low quality, I wouldn’t be surprised if their content has only been ingested at 720p - hdyvr

Frustrating (1/5)
It’s impossible to cancel the auto renew on a subscription and on top of that your super cheesy auto response to ever review is even more annoying. I want make subscription cancelled. Take time to share that with the team! - disappointed in edina

Get app to watch deadwood on! (5/5)
I use the app daily. Great app updates have fix d any issues I thought it had. Oh and THANK YOU HBO for bring back deadwood! It’s why I signed back up! - Carey Nolton

Spanish music Jose luis Reyes (5/5)
Almagaribay - Alma fudge

Like it, don’t love it.. content is great but... (3/5)
Skip intro option??? - jay cave

Keeps crashing. (1/5)
Love HBO, but the app has been crashing every time I open it up. - JakeLaGent

App is trash (1/5)
Had this app a year ago, and just redownloaded it a month ago, the app constantly freezes even when I restart my devices and redownload the app. Even when I switch the streaming to the lowest quality, still constantly freezes. Do not recommend. - BadApp12345434

Sick of the loading lines... ... ... (2/5)
I love HBO but the app always times out. How do I have 4 bars of service and the episodes keep pausing for minutes and minutes at a time? - Kay9La

Can’t Cancel a Subscription (1/5)
Don’t make the mistake of using this app. It is extremely difficult to cancel your subscription, something HBO likely did on purpose so that they would get more of your hard earned $$$. Also, no customer service line for HBO Go? Only way to contact HBO GO service is through email? What a pathetic joke. - OneStarForHBO

Glitch (2/5)
I love HBO but this app will just DIE randomly and nothing will play. It’s like you have no WiFi but NOPE, just the app. Please fix ❤️ - ElloSweetie

👎🏻 (1/5)
I use every streaming subscription imaginable and I cannot understand why your website/app is so awful. Why do you exit me out of the show if I flip back 10 sec more than once? That’s the most obnoxious feature I’ve ever seen. You would think you’d learn something from Netflix. The only reason I subscribe is bc of GOT. As soon as I’m done I’m off. Worst designed website/app ever. Also why don’t you have a skip intro button? I have stopped watching shows so many times bc of how many I hate your design. - Margaret1995

Bad (1/5)
I want to cancel and nobody can help me - yioPR

No schedule of upcoming shows (2/5)
I don’t have a tv provider and I rely on hbo now for some of the shows. I just don’t understand why is there no schedule of when new episodes come out. Maybe you can put the date and time for the upcoming episode in the show description or show promotional image? I just think that’s a no brainer. Also hbo has jumped on the bias bandwagon which just tells me how out of touch they are with their viewers. - hellothere1988

Premium Service along with a premium app (5/5)
I’m not sure why this app is rated so low. It should be showing 5 stars. I love the way HBO produces quality content and also provides a pretty sleek interface. The app is extremely easy to use and to maneuver within. I want to thank the developers on a very good job, well done! - jay_melv

Needs Major Improvements (1/5)
The content is great. But the app is lacking basic things like different profiles for different users and an actual list system that properly works that tells you what’s up next and where you left off. - KWhitey22