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Procreate Pocket

Directed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
Entertainment · 4+


Powerful enough for creative professionals and simple enough for everyone, Procreate Pocket is the most versatile sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for iPhone. With this complete artist's toolbox in the palm of your hand, you can create expressive sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere. Procreate Pocket features high-resolution canvases, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the same industry leading Metal engine that powers Procreate for iPad. The ultra portability of iPhone means that no matter where you are, you can create incredible works of art. The combination of Procreate Pocket’s incredibly responsive brushes and the use of 3D Touch to provide pressure sensitivity with your finger or a stylus lets you create professional artworks whether you’re on the train, on the couch, or in line for coffee. Now with the same revolutionary tools you've come to love on iPad such as freehand and Automatic Selection, multitouch Transform, and Perspective tools, Procreate Pocket gives you the power to take a rough sketch all the way to a finished illustration, enhanced with stunning cinema-quality effects. With a range of professional quality features never before seen on iPhone, Procreate Pocket has all the power a creative needs in the palm of your hand. • Features and highlights: - Powered by Silica-M, the same industry leading Metal engine that powers Procreate for iPad - 3D Touch for built-in pressure-sensitive painting - All-new interface designed exclusively for iPhone - Haptic integration for immersive feedback throughout the app - Optimized for iPhone X and iOS 11 - Create custom canvas sizes, up to 8K - Stunning 64-bit color - Deliciously responsive 64-bit smudge sampling - Multi-threaded; optimized for iPhone's multiple cores - 250 levels of undo and redo - Continuous auto-save—never lose work again • Over 135 Brushes: - Packed with the same beautifully-made brush library from Procreate for iPad - Over 50 customizable settings for every brush - Support for leading third-party styluses - Create your own custom Procreate brushes - Organize your brushes into your own custom Sets - Import and export custom brushes and Brush Sets • Full Layering System: - Layer your artwork for precise control over individual elements - Use Layer Masks for non-destructive editing - Stay organized by combining layers into Groups - Select multiple layers to move or Transform objects simultaneously - Access 19 layer blend modes for professional compositing • Color Without Compromise: - 64-bit color for greater accuracy - P3 Wide color support - Fill your art seamlessly with ColorDrop - Input RGB, HSB, or HEX values for exact color matching • Amazing filters and adjustments: - GPU accelerated for lightning speed - Add exclusive Perspective Blur for incredible results - Disconcertingly fast Gaussian and Motion Blur filters - Add Noise to your canvas, or Sharpen your image for perfect clarity - Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in stunning real-time - Powerful image adjustments such as Color Balance, and Image Curves • Industry Leading Video Features - Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay - Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production - Share a thirty-second version of your Time-lapse recording, perfect for social networks - Broadcast your drawing process live with your favorite streaming service • Extensive Import and Export Options: - Export as layered native .procreate file, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multi-page PDF or web ready JPEG - Import or export Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files - Export to any connected location, including AirDrop, Files, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail - Easily share canvases to your iPad to continue creating with a larger screen

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I love it (4/5)
Its amazing and better than any other that ive used before. The only problem thats extremely bugging me is that when i do the color drop it fills the entire screen even when all areas are covered but after awhile its goes back to normal filling in the inside. I find it very annoying but other than that i absolutley love this - BOI👌😂💯

Best in AppStore (5/5)
For more than a year now I’ve used Procreate on both my iPhone and iPad. Using the Apple Pencil is a good idea. I have come to the conclusion that there’s no application in the App Store that is implemented so close to perfection. I’m not a good artist, but using it is FUN! Its programming with iOS is sublime and the controls are remarkable and intuitive. Highly recommend it. - Fan of tastic

Great App But a Few Recommendations... (4/5)
Absolutely love the app! The only thing I’d recommend is more hair brushes for say like curly hair. I’d also like to see more layers. You use to be able to have around 80 and now you only get 7 layers. I’d like to see that feature come back. - SupremeTaco IV

hi (4/5)
i normally don't like to write reviews and complain but if its possible can you fix the way you move objects so they don't go all spiky? like when you select something you've drawn and move it, it goes all weird in texture. sorry for complaining. (also i love procreate so this is unlike me) - Peoples World

I freaken love this app!!! (5/5)
Awesome app! - CaliPumba

Apple Watch (3/5)
There’s no way to access and pair the Apple watch, which is why I purchased it in the first place. - Valhal o:::[===>

Thought I could do hand lettering (3/5)
I downloaded this app because I heard from others that you can do great hand letting because of iPhone X’s capaciative screen, but I can’t get the pen pressure to work at all, thus defeating the purpose :( I also can’t find help anywhere to troubleshoot this. - pedickey

AMAZING.. just one thing (5/5)
hello!! So i wanted to suggest the “Dark mode” in this app. at night when i want to draw, the white really hurts my eyes, and turning my phone brightness down really doesnt help.. also with the new fonts, im SOOO glad you added the “Papyrus” Font. But can you add the “Comic Sans” font? (im making an undertale comic and i need the comic sans font for it) so yeah!! thank you for updating it to the comfortable fitting! - Tord_Red_Leader

I can’t even download it (1/5)
It is compatible with my phone but it will not let me download. I purchased it but it will not download. I feel like it was a waste of money getting this if I can’t even download the app. 😡 - Destiny323

Fabulous (5/5)
This new version 3.0 took me some adjusting to. But it is simply amazing. Disregard the reviews that say this is a watered down copy of the iPad version. They have brought a lot of the features that were exclusive to the iPad. Since the iPhone has a small screen, they had to redesign major parts of the UI, which feels and looks great, to accommodate the new features. This is just the best drawing app available for your iPhone. Look no further, this is it. I would suggest to pair it with one of the supported styluses that also work like a charm. The only improvement I can suggest is to bring a dark mode. With iOS 13 around the corner which will come with a true black mode, I'm sure we'll be getting it. - Daleigna

beautiful app getting better (5/5)
the app is intuitive to use, powerful AF, and the included brushes are awesome. the text, shapes, and deformations are super cool. - marc.w.cardwell

QuickShape + Masks finally on Pocket (5/5)
I wasn't sure about pocket until the surprise release of version 3 yesterday Thank you Savage Interactive for adding Quickshapes and perspective and make and all the tools from the iOS version!!!!! - DavidByourplanb

3.0 (5/5)
When I saw the update notification, my heart skipped a beat. Procreate Pocket has had the update I have been waiting for. Nothing can stop it now. - psiceloff

Best app ever invented real talk‼️‼️ (5/5)
New update lets you make animations (really tricky but if it’s your thing you’ll love it) the whole app gives you exactly everything you need, but still simple, and doesn’t complicate things.... note this is only the mobile edition 🤯 I really spend hours a day on this and it’s worth it 💯💯 - Amari fair

Yes!! (5/5)
New update is 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 - darboston

This is it. Nothing comes close. (5/5)
3.0 overtakes everything else in the App Store. Don’t waste your time with anything else. - mschultz

Keeps getting better! (5/5)
Like most, I really love Procreate on the iPad. Procreate Pocket continues to get better over time, just like Procreate. This latest version has really turned the heat up 1000 degrees! It now has most of the newest Procreate features, if not all! Thanks to the entire brilliant team at Savage for pouring everything into what I believe is the BEST painting programs for iOS! - SoulDagger

Money back (1/5)
I bought this app expecting an easy to use drawing app but I was disappointed when I started drawing and it felt uncomfortable to draw because you have to put pressure on your device also I’d my money back please - Bunny36323

IbisPaint X is the same, BUT ITS FREE (1/5)
I’m a young artist, a 13 year old to be exact. I have used IbisPaint X for a long time now and I want to upgrade to a new app that has a cleaner look to it. I managed to buy procreate pocket and with high hopes, it was a total disappointment. It felt harder to control the app, the brushes were just flat out confusing, and it didn’t have the cleaner look I wanted. When I compared one drawing from IbisPaint X and a drawing from procreate pocket, they look absolutely the same. There is no difference and I’m pretty upset about it. It’s a complete waste of my money, I should’ve bought robux instead. - MaddieWastedHerMoney

I love it (5/5)
I love it but I want a dark mode and a marble effect too. - jrdhdhsjshfjidjdjxjrugsgdugh

It’s ok (3/5)
It a very good app but I would like the paper to be bigger and more stuff - rbyenhn

Doesnt work (1/5)
As soon as I purchased and downloaded the app on my phone, I noticed I wasn’t able to change or do anything except paint. Ive look up tutorials on how the app worked to make sure how the app but mine doesnt work. I wanted to download the app on my galaxy instead to see if it worked on that phone instead but I already purchased this one and dont have enough to purchase the same apps repeatedly. Creating art is like one of my main sources of income - pimp smitty

Review (3/5)
Hello, I wish that procreate pocket would have more of the things that procreate has on the iPads. Such being able to make the perfect circle and shapes, do the symmetrical drawing, gradients, glass effect, smooth lines, the same types of brushes, the same techniques, the option to chose curved lines, etc... I love procreate! I would also love some new things and the things on the iPads! 💛🖋🖌 - :4:9;6(7$8

Add one thing and I’ll give 5 stars (4/5)
I need a fill bucket tool! Whenever I need to fill a space with color, I end up sloppily filling in the space, then erasing everything that goes out of the lines. It’s very annoying, but it’s easy to fix. Just add a fill bucket tool. - Kaylen Is Smol

Love it but one problem (4/5)
I love it but I draw with an adonit since that for some reason my adonit takes a few taps to able it to draw and it takes awhile to finish my drawings and one time it didn't work so I had to use my finger and I did NOT like that and when I was drawing it looked kind of laggy when I drew I hope u get this and fix this please thank u. - Danku Coris Chi

So very frustrating (2/5)
I have had procreate pocket before on my iPhone, the quality was bad. I then realized, if I got it on iPad, it would have better quality. I get my iPad, and I search up on safari “procreate pocket”. Then, it says “requires 11.1 iOS blah blah. And the download thing won’t let me click it. It is faded out. I have 12.2 iOS. This is very frustrating because I am an artist trying to find good apps and I can’t even download it. Thanks, Emma. Please respond - Person that hates ROBLOX

Confusing. (1/5)
Everything about this app is a failure. It’s confusing, trying to appeal too hard to the minimalist aesthetic we see on social media apps. This isn’t a social media app, it’s a drawing app. Where is the paint bucket? Where is the stabilizer? Where is the transparency tool? Where is this? Where is that? I’m so disappointed. 5 dollars for college students graphic design project. - Master Mavrik

Procreate Layers (3/5)
My procreate app updated and limited my layers to 12 while i normally use 20-30. This has impacted my work because my layers get out of order because of this ridiculous new update. but other than that i’d say procreate was pretty okay. - brittanyc2314

Amazing. (5/5)
Knowing Procreate on iPad for 2 years now, seeing how powerful and amazing the iPhone app is truly shows the power of this app and the incredible talent behind the Procreate team. They literally have just about everything possible on iPad, but yes there a several things missing but not too critical. As feedback, hopefully we can see the text and typography feature soon (which I’m sure they are aware of). The text and typography feature just came out for iPad and I love it and I quickly thought about Procreate pocket BECAUSE I have all these photos that I want to import and just slap some writing on. My mind quickly said “PROCREATE POCKET!!” What an amazing app to add text and put some cool writing on existing photos and then export them with amazing resolution. Also one more thing I know iPad is more powerful and can handle heavier projects and I don’t know if the Procreate pocket app just rejects certain projects or if it’s the iPhone but I have the XS Max and I’m hoping it’s powerful enough, but when I airdrop some projects from my iPad to iPhone, Procreate pocket says the projects is too big or it’s beyond the capabilities or whatever.... please please please fix this. - BaranXXI

We need this app to have animation (4/5)
I would give it 4 because it’s at doing what it does but undoubtedly it needs animation that is what I would give 5 stars. - Sexy Akira

Mixed feelings (4/5)
I have some mixed feelings about this app. I’ve been looking at purchasing it for a while and I finally decided to purchase. I’m not 100 percent sure it was worth 5 dollars, but I am enjoying it. I’ve been using adobe illustrator on my phone for a while, but it’s missing a few things aswell. My biggest issue is that there is no way to get a good shape with this pocket version, as I’ve seen with iPad users (I personally don’t have an iPad) you can only get a straight line. I feel like this app would do better with some kind of shape snapping. Although it’s not available on this app, or the adobe app, I would love to see the symmetry tool come to procreate pocket. Until I’m able to get an iPad and the other version of procreate, I will just use both procreate pocket and adobe illustrator. - TiffanyTree

Kind of buggy (3/5)
I love procreate and it is my reason for using iOS devices to be honest. Sadly, I find pocket to have some serious stability issues. For example, randomly it starts crashing while trying to import photos from the camera roll. Love the iPad app and this one has potential but the bugs need to be ironed out - Michael2987

Great app! Just wish there was a circle tool (4/5)
Procreate has helped me grow as an artist and I love playing around with the MANY different tools in this app. The only reason for four stars instead of five is the lack of a perfect circle tool. You can snap lines to be perfectly straight, but there is no tool to help with perfecting circles! Still, an awesome app overall - C__D_W

Deceiving!!! Don’t purchase!! (1/5)
When you search for this app on your phone vs on your iPad you get different apps. I wanted to purchase the iPad comparable app and i had no way of knowing that until i bought this and tried it on my iPad. It doesn’t tell you it’s iPhone only and nonetheless WHY is that a thing?? There’s no difference and now you expect me to pay another $9.99 to invest in the iPad app while i just wasted $4.99 on this that i will not use. I’d love to be refunded because I’m not even going to use this. Don’t buy this it is restricted to iPhones only not iPad! - gtraynor9292

Pretty awesome (4/5)
I love it so far as the 2nd app I’ve ever used for digital art. Wish they had some features like line control, shapes (like circles and squares), and fill or someway to keep the color inside the lines. - bishprease

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ (4/5)
it’s ok. Works fine other than the occasional crashes, glitches, and deletions. Medibang is much better and doesnt crash or delete, plus it’s free. - 🗿🤠

It’s actually a really good app!! (5/5)
I’m an artist myself and I’d seen this app been used by people I follow that draw. I loved the way it looked and I wanted to get it, but by the time I had an android. I later got an iPhone and I had bought this app and I immediately fell in love with it!! I still got to get used it since I literally just stared drawing on it! I just love love love it, I’m not a person to review and app or even review, but this! I had to give a five star and review!! - V1ann3

I’ve been using a free drawing app for almost two years, and it’s been great. However, when I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday, I thought I’d try this app since I heard so much about it. It’s much more difficult to use than my free drawing app; either the brush is too big or too small(there’s no inbetween). I want my money back ASAP, because I’m VERY disappointed. I’d give this zero stars if I could. - Officer Martin

titles?nope (5/5)
when i got this i didn't find the titles i still cant find them are they in the app?if not please in the next update put it in and if its there and i'm just blind please tell me where to find them!Thank you! - KenleighBat

Omg (4/5)
I’ve been testing out a few things. I haven’t done a full drawing yet, but the possibilities are endless. It offers so much more than the MediBang app I was using and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities. It offers so many different brushes I don’t even know what most of them could be used for but I can’t wait to find out. Only complaint is they should have a button for undos and redos because the tapping on the screen the way they asking you to isn’t always reliable. - WinterRoseStone

Really like it! (4/5)
I really like this app. It's a bit confusing & complex but it's still pretty decent. :) - LonelySora

Read please (3/5)
please I would like to be able to place text boxes. write text with the keyboard. - F£lix-01

Love it (5/5)
Love the app so much great tools and good quality - queen number two

Best 5$ I’ve ever spent (5/5)
A very powerful app capable of so much. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. From the enormous amount of brushes(all fully customizable) to the fully loaded color wheel i found myself constantly finding new ways to improve my drawings. It might take some a little bit of time getting used to drawing on a smaller screen but that is the only con i can really think of. - LukasBagby

Needs improvement (4/5)
I was hoping this wouldn’t be different from the I pad but it was I was super upset it could use some improvements - 😀😀😀😀😀😛

Way too perfect 😡 (5/5)
Do something about this! This stuff is worth all the pennies. It keeps me in awe. Much respect and mad love to the team behind this masterpiece! - MynxGee

Help (3/5)
I’ve had the app for a quite awhile now and I have nothing bad to say about it except now when I try to draw it never works anymore it only works on my art that was already finished. Please Help! - Dominique 🦖

Quick line don't work like the iPad version (2/5)
I try to make a circle with quick line, but it always turn a line =\ - Donatario

Not very useful (1/5)
Was hoping to be able to trace designs for stencil images for tattooing. There's just no accuracy with a fingertip. So it was a wasted $5. Prefer autodesk sketchbook. - Dantrn

Undo (4/5)
This app doesn’t have an undo button - Miraty