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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Bitmoji is a pretty great app on average. All my friends use it and it’s fun to just mess around with the outfits. Even my grandmother got into it, and she asked me for help “setting up” her “Bit emoji.” There are some issues I would like to address before you get the app though, especially if you’re a parent who would like an opinion from an older kid. 1) Bitmoji takes data! If you aren’t on unlimited or just don’t have data then I wouldn’t recommend the app because you only use it when you’re texting. 2) I have a problem with the app needing to access my “current and past texts.” Right now, I don’t really care, though I am careful with what texts I’m ok with them accessing. But if I’m texting someone personal info, like a home address to hang out, and Bitmoji is receiving that, it’s kind of like a giant YIKES. 3) Ease of access. There’s no search button so if you want to find a “see you soon” or a “I love coffee” then you have to scroll through Bitmoji’s 50+ bitmojis and it can be really annoying. 4) The final problem is just a personal one, but they don’t have certain things like braces, and all of their bitmojis have arms/legs, large heads, skinny necks. Which sounds really dumb - like, why is that a problem? Do you not have arms? Actually, if you think about it, there are lots of reasons people might not have arms. For example, malformation of the limbs and amputation. I’m just saying. And people come in all shapes and sizes. I have a small head, but some people might have a really large neck. I just feel like the app is... lacking in characteristics for people who aren’t human specimens or stereotypes. Again, I think overall the app is pretty great, but these problems are problems and the second one especially is kind of severe. Thanks for reading and enjoy the app (or go find something else!) - Egg nest

GREAT!!! (5/5)
ABSOLUTELY AWSOME!!! But could use a bit for outfits like black outfits or like fall outfits. (us EMO kids need more choices for cloths!) - apple michrosophe

Good app but the outfits are getting boring we need new outfits cuter outfits more fashionable or maybe have an option where we can use the Snapchat game coins we earn playing the games to purchase clothing for our bitmoji - My experience with the app

Hair (4/5)
Everything is good, just dye the dread. Like make it to where you can dye the tip of the dreads any color. Great job with the app! - Goldensavage/JuliusJackson ll

Love it!! (5/5)
I just love this app!! Sooo cute. - Ss964kl

Great....... But (4/5)
This app is amazing and so fun but I really wish that you could make multiple Bitmojis at a time so that if you made a new Bitmoji you would not lose the old one. - Njuhrejnqief

Yes (5/5)
I love this app but it would be cool to have ombré hair or we can design a outfit! It would be cool to be able to make a background check - yee boi pewdiepie will win

Not a review, just a suggestion. (4/5)
Can we please PLEASE just have piercings or tattoos on Bitmojis? Some people are alternative and that’d be mad dope just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️ great app tho. Love my mini me. - Theblondemenace

Keyboard (5/5)
One thing I don’t like is that i do want full access to the Bitmoji Keyboard, the app sees all my past texts. 😑 - jenfkanf

Getting Boring (2/5)
Updates for minor bug fixes and performance issues come out regularly but new features have not been added to the app for quite some time. Getting a little tired of the same hair styles, hair colors, accessories, outfits.... I think it would be much more fun if users had control over shirts/pants/shoes instead of having to choose one whole outfit that’s “premade”. The app isn’t very interesting when you know exactly what’s on there? Would appreciate an update with real changes soon. - Queenicole

Amazing (5/5)
This app is amazing’s bad at the same time it always takes Up a lot Of Space but other Then that amazing - emilymariereese

Good👍🏻 but suggestion 📃🖊 (4/5)
I love this game. It is super fun, even if you don’t Snapchat you can still use it on iMessage and it has a lot of stuff on there. But I do have suggestions. I really think you should add some more hair types on the hair thing, hair styles like French braids and curly hair. Because my hair is curly and my friends are like, “ girl you hair not straight” and then one of my friends has long hair but their is no hair style for that so maybe longer hair styles. And buns! You only have loose buns and I don't really like that. - game184

Bitmoji (3/5)
I love this app but I feel that they should have lots more different kind of outfits like Gucci or like ask youtubers like The Dolan Twins if they have there murch on it and or cnco or like for people that have cancer and if people have earrings or something - CNCOWNERS Family

Ramadan 😡 (1/5)
Take that Muslim crap off of the emojis on my phone. 9/11 - NEVER FORGET. 😡 - Angry US Citizen

Good app!!! (4/5)
This is a great app. I love how you can customize it to look like you. One request is to add softball bitmojis if possible. I can’t remember if you have swim team ones but if not please add. The only reason is because me and my friends want to be able to get ready and celebrate for softball. And if there are not swim team ones I also would use those a lot! Thx! - katie hanifan

Love it but... (4/5)
I love Bitmoji but I wish it had jewelry! Like earrings and necklaces! Please please please include this in your next update!!!!!! - hi my peeps!!

Confused about what “Full Access” means (4/5)
I’m just confused as to what full access means. When I go to allow access through my phone it says that I am giving it full access to transmit anything that I type on my keyboard including credit card information etc. but then I’m reading another part that says that it can’t read or access anything that I type on my keyboard. What is the difference between “transmit” and “can’t read”? I don’t want to give anybody access to my credit card information when I’m just trying to use a cartoon app. Please clarify. Thx! - Wax queen 2014

Long dresses please (4/5)
I wear long dresses and a head covering (Mennonite) and all the choices are short dresses. My covering looks like a bowl. If have Muslim attire, then I think Mennonites could have options also. - UltraWordyWoman

Amazing (5/5)
I have been using this app for a long time and it is safe to say I love it I always love the makeup and the outfits it’s super fun how I can custom my own self♥️ - emma1515151515

Masculine outfits for females (1/5)
I’m really tired of having to make a guy bitmoji to wear a masculine outfit. Can’t you just make all the outfits for men available for women and vice versa? - pls buy my stuff :)

Hairstyles (4/5)
It’s a pretty good app and I’d recommend to my friends but more hairstyles need to be added like “waves” for example. Other than that Great App!! - Joseph 😈

The outfits people (4/5)
So in my opinion every design option have everything. But the hats and cloths really limit what you can where. My suggestion would be to add in a hoodie of every color and get some beanies and headbands to make it more casual. - Popfizzman

This is my personal opinion (it nothing bad just ideas) (5/5)
I also wanted to see if you could add more clothing and if it was possible if we could mix and match at least basic pieces of clothing - Hana O.

Bitmoji (3/5)
You should add piercings to the app - ughbriiiii

I’m only 11 (4/5)
U gotta stop the cuss words I love this app otherwise, but the cussing is outta control! I also love the graphics and how u can customize ur self Toca boca is making a place like that where u can make and customize ur self too I love this app! - boogyboyboogy1234

Make it so! (5/5)
How is there not a “but wait, there’s more” bitmoji?? - plzentranamelssthn30chrctrslng

It’s ok (2/5)
It got annoying bc when I deleted the app I aspected my Bitmoji on Snapchat to be there and it was not 😢😬 it wastes room on my phone 🔥 - KIMMY6679

Love it (4/5)
Hey I had a couple of request can you please!!!!!! Add more kitty ears on bitmoji. And a way that you can choose to make your own outfits please that would be amazing - UnicornFlowermaker

Great app! (4/5)
This app is really cool because you’re able to distinguish your friends on SnapMap. It’s also cool because you can see how you might look in different outfits. One thing about that. You should have a choice to have a custom outfit. Even with Nike and Adidas. That would be great. Overall, great app! - RBLSLDR19

curly bangs (3/5)
the app is okay on its own but i wish they would give options for curly hair to have bangs - ;-D Awesome

Cool idea (5/5)
It would be cool to be able to give our bitmojis tattoos to make them more like us - j_matthew1988

Get this it will change your life (5/5)
I love Bitmoji and I think anyone who loves emojis and texts a lot should get this app. It’s fun and you can design your character to look like you or totally different. The solutions you can send your emoji in are very creative and nice and things people would not think about in regular emojis. This is a very good app and I highly recommend it. 👍 - sophiereviews4890

Fun but needs more outfits (5/5)
The app is really fun and it has lots of options to chose from to make your Bitmoji, but I was annoyed that the outfits where mostly the same kind of style. - ⚡️😎

Amazing! (5/5)
I love this app. It is amazing and really fun to talk with these little guys in my messages. I have a couple of things that I would change about it. I wish we could create our outfits or mix and match them. I wish we could create our own bitmoji background thing and choose the angle and everything. Overall, it’s amazing. Definitely get it - ginnyweasl1

New accessories (2/5)
You need to put piercings to give the true essence of each person to their bitmoji. - santan'Sbabe

ITᔕ OK (4/5)
I TᕼIᑎK IT ᑎEEᗪᔕ ᕼEᒪᑭ ᒪIKE I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY ᑕᑌᖇᒪY ᕼᗩIᖇ ᗷᑌT IT Iᔕᑎ'T GOOᖴY ᗩᑎᗪ ᒪIKE TᕼE OᑎᒪY ᑕᕼOIᑕEᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩᖇE EITᕼEᖇ ᗩ ᖴOᖇ ᑕᑌᖇᒪY Oᖇ ᗷEᗩᑕᕼ ᗯᗩᐯEᔕ I ᗰEᗩᑎ I ᑌᔕE ᗷEᗩᑕᕼ ᗯᗩᐯEᔕ ᗷᑌT IT ᗪOᑕEᑎT ᒪOOK ᒪIKE ᗰE. I TᕼIᑎK TᕼᗩT YOᑌ GᑌYᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY ᑎEEᗪ TO ᖴI᙭ IT ᗩᑎᗪ GIᐯE ᗰOᖇE ᑕᕼOIᑕEᔕ ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE TᗩKE ᗰY ᔕᑌGGEᔕTIOᑎᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴI᙭ IT ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE - alina acevedo

Young pimp (5/5)
Can y’all add waves hair to the boy hair style - young_pimp__

Help (4/5)
So this is going to be short but, my sister has a lot more options than I do and I tried deleting the app and re downloading it. I have even tried to update it too but that didn’t seem to work. I thought it was really cool for her to have more options and when I went to change my character because I saw something she had, I couldn’t find it. It was upsetting but I dealt with it, but it would be really nice to be able to have the same options as she does - Powerful_Crocs

Request!! (5/5)
Could you guys add more outfits, and could you guys add another tab in the editing your bitmoji where you can add accessories like bracelets, necklaces, etc. Also a tab where you can choose the different pieces of your outfit like the shoes, pants, shirts, etc.. Thank you. - J_MAN121

No search bar? (4/5)
There should be a search bar within the app so we can find the right bitmoji for the conversation rather than scrolling & searching for ages. Sometimes the bitmoji’s come out really tiny in iMessage - BrittShay

It’s good but... (4/5)
I’ve had Bitmoji for a while now. I just wish that there was a way to add new clothing. But otherwise the game is good! - ByakuganFan

Awesome app (5/5)
Bitmoji is a great app and has nothing wrong with it.i love it so much and it makes texting even better!!!! - #123animal girl🐘

Awesome!! (5/5)
All I have to say is this is awesome!! Get this app now!! - hdjdnhdkenevdenmf

Love this app,but..... (4/5)
I love this app and use it on a daily basis but I can’t find any clothes that fit my style and I would like to see braces for the Bitmoji because I feel like it’s not really me without my bright blue braces. If u Change those small things that would make this app a five star app. - pepdoodle

Just needs the black guy flattop (hightop fade) hairstyle! (5/5)
So I have a Kid from Kid n Play height flattop (which is tall) and there isn’t the black guy flattop hairstyle in the app. I’d definitely use it a lot more if it had that hairstyle. 5 star app otherwise! - That boy harry

add piercings (5/5)
i love this app but it would be way cooler if you could have piercings like a nose piercing or a lip piercing or a septum piercing. - iloveyouraunt420

I love it but have ideas (3/5)
You should try making Bitmoji gifs and it can be called gifmoji.And the app is fabulous s( ^ω^ )🏳️‍🌈 - yeetereater

Irritated (1/5)
The graduation cap won’t come on my app but I has for everyone else I have redownloaded the app updated it everything and I’ve been waiting it’s too late now ! - Pikachuuu1228

I love this app, but add an Afro, small, medium, and big. With a straight hairline, for blacks. PLEASE!!!!! - KINGJAMESJR09

Love it... (4/5)
Love the Avatars...however it would be great if there were more hair color options. Blonde/reds highlights. Also more clothes...there are not enough sweat pants/hoodies/ and there are NO pajamas or robes! If i want to dress for bed i cant. And also add the option of shoes or no shoes and maybe i want just socks And party wear. Other than these things...I enjoy the app - 57NE24