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Dark Sky Weather

Directed by Jackadam
Weather · 4+


Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more. YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options: Receive down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of government severe weather alerts (for such things as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, etc.), or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. TODAY WIDGET The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour and the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out. TIME MACHINE Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based off of seasonal averages. APPLE WATCH Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

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Siri Apple Watch Face Complications (4/5)
Please add Siri watch face complications like the native weather app - Bidusjskdyb

Golden App from the Start! (5/5)
I’ve been using Dark Sky since June of 2015. Since that date, it’s been my #1 favorite weather app. It’s major draw is accuracy. I’ve been looking extensively between Dark Sky and another popular radar app and the data offered on dark sky was vastly superior. With a storm front about to hit, the rival app displayed rainfall while Dark Sky displayed it a few miles away yet. Because Dark Sky has these hyperlocal data points from using phones barometer and sharing it with other users, they are showing details that reflect actual weather events much better. Whereas the traditional radar is interpreting clouds from a distance, Dark Sky pops in and helps to give the storm model more 3D details, which offers even better predictions. It’s grown a lot over the years and become much more user friendly and less buggy. However there is one issue that has persisted from the beginning. “Playing” the radar loads slowly and doesn’t always update properly. A lot of the time, I need to reset the view by zooming in and out. I know it’s a lot of info to load, but I’d like to see some status on what’s been loaded and ready for viewing. Keep up the great work! Best weather app! - Undfeatable

Highly inaccurate with forecasts (2/5)
I feel like I could just guess and be right as often as this piece of junk. There has to be a better choice somewhere - Nickanameweather27

Best Weather App (5/5)
This app is great. Far better than the ones that come preloaded on phones. The forecasts tend to be more accurate, and accurate sooner than others. The various features allow for confident outdoor planning. Easy to navigate. Easy to understand. Definitely a go-to app. - BP - PGH

Buyer Remorse (1/5)
Seemed cool at first with all the features. I really wanted to like this app, especially since I paid for it. But it’s been consistently unpredictable. I’ve been stuck in the rain at least 5 times the last few months because this stupid app said it wasn’t going to rain. It misses a lot!! I back using the default iPhone weather app now cause it’s more accurate A LOT more of the time. This app is nothing more than a nice appearance that seems smarter than it is. - Itstylerb

Clunky (1/5)
Cant fit much info on one screen, have to tap and scroll around a lot just to get a basic report - 晴天向上

Animated Map is Awful (1/5)
All in all the app is good. The animated map loads in sections and take minutes to finally becomes truly smooth. Pisses me off every time I really need the interactive map. - YourNameHereX_________

Don’t buy ! (1/5)
Disappointed , I paid for this app because of reviews but it doesn’t load often even with a good signal. I don’t usually leave reviews but I’m so dissatisfied I thought I should. The radar is not very good - Champ?!$

Fine weather app but incons with notifications (2/5)
This is a good wea app but I purchased it for weather notifications otherwise I'd have just stuck with the default app. Not getting alerts for servere weather is a huge problem. The app knew I was under a tornado warning when I opened it why did I have to be alerted by a co-worker? - Ninjustin23

Pretty, but inaccurate (2/5)
The alerts when it’s about to rain are nice, but they come 10 minutes before it does. The forecast more than 4 hours out is, unfortunately, incredibly inaccurate, so you can’t use this app to plan your day. I’m convinced the only reason people like it is because there aren’t ads and it’s pretty. That’s about it. - robsalzz

Terrible Map (1/5)
Using radar is impossible. No labels on roads or highways, small towns that are pretty much non-existent show up first and you have to zoom in to see the names of ones that are actually populated. Also names of cities/towns only appear on specific zoom that is individual to each one. As you zoom in and out different ones show up and different ones disappear, makes it impossible to track any kind of weather outside of your current location. - iLeonidas51

Less reliable than any other weather app I’ve ever used. (1/5)
Garbage. Got caught in rain more times than I could count. Do not buy. - W. S. S. S.

Great App (4/5)
Love the way the app looks on my new iPhone XS Max after having the 7 Plus this new scene really shows the app quite well. - Myrkur007

Waste of money (3/5)
It has some neat features but it's not as good as free apps out there. Wish I didn't waste my money. - Stephanies1688

So glad I pulled the trigger and bought this app (5/5)
I have wanted a simple weather app that not only is easy to read but actually loads quickly every time. I’ve used this app for a couple days and I’m impressed with how it looks and works. Easy to interpret the forecast that day, but also easy access to more detailed hourly info if that’s what you need. I also like that the extra info such as humidity, sunset and other stuff is a simple tap on the temp. The entire main screen doesn’t have to be filled with every piece of weather data available. Most of us don’t need to know the barometric pressure every day, but it’s lurking nearby if we do. Good job folks. For the rest of us, this is well worth the money. Truly a “you get what you pay for” situation. - Coosaw2004

Thunderstorm (1/5)
Please incorporate this word into your forecasts. - Chirleski

Overall Great but does need refinement (4/5)
The overall idea of predicting the weather and being accurate is great! Two issues: 1) emergency weather alerts do not work even though enabled. 2) Don’t give me the time machine feature if you’re just going to give me today’s forecast for the next 10 coming years then 0 for the rest of eternity. I think common sense tells us none of this is right but still don’t bother. - Readenourdustin

Good looking. Unreliable (2/5)
This is a well designed app with some pretty good features. Unfortunately the forecasts have been off. Today, for example, it forecasted a high of 64 degrees and it was off by 10 degrees leaving me way underdressed. This isn’t the first time either, unfortunately. - itikn

Good, but weather updates are spotty (3/5)
I downloaded this app after I read a review I read that praised the Apple Watch part of the app. The info displayed on my watch has good information but the temperature doesn’t update very often. Sometimes I have to open the app on my phone then also open it on my watch to force an update. I contacted the developer, no response. Maybe the paid version is better, but maybe not. I’m not going to spend money on an app that doesn’t work properly. Especially with no customer service! - Bobthesuper

Used to be exact to the minute. Now can’t get it right (2/5)
I used to love this app. It could get weather right down to the minute. However, recently it cannot even predict the weather right for the day. It will be raining and the app says that it is just “overcast”. Not sure what has happened, but ever since the new look, the app has sacrificed looks for quality - Shades1773

Love it (5/5)
This app is amazing - Jmh3434

Can't look even two weeks into the future? (3/5)
What's the point of this if it doesn't show me data even two weeks out. What a waste of money!!!! - Kunwar Kochar

Worst radar (1/5)
I never pay for apps but I had a $5 gift card and decided to try the editors choice for a weather app. I hate it. The user interface is well designed but the hyper local forecast is a joke. Just a gimmick as far as I'm concerned. The radar is literally the worst I've ever used. The map provides no detail and the colors look like oily fingerprints on glass. I am so disappointed. - Rpreston513

Not as good as website (3/5)
Since this app cost money and getting on the website is free, I expected yo get the same information. No wind information at all. Would line to know speed and direction. Missing all the details! Please fix. - Cabennetti

Recent release doesn’t work on Series 3 Watch (1/5)
Update 3: app started working again and worked fairly well for a solid 3 months. I updated my watch software again today, and now we’re back to dashes on the complication. Dev team can’t keep up with all Apple releases. Be prepared for some frustration if you’re using it with your Apple Watch. Will be taking it off my watch again until I see another update available. Update 2: still no update for this. Have removed it from my watch. I’ll keep checking back for another couple weeks or so, but will request an iTunes/App Store refund after that. ————- Update: hoped today’s update would fix the issue, but nope. Complication on Watch still shows dashes, and clicking to launch the app shows only a blank screen instead of New York City weather. Going in the wrong direction here. ———— I bought this app a couple of weeks ago while looking for a better weather app to show on my Apple Watch face that included sunset times, as I’m frequently trying to get in a late run before dark. I was swayed by reviews and various articles. It seemed to be working well for me - especially liked the “rain starting/ending soon” alerts that were spot on accurate - but with the latest update the app simply doesn’t work anymore on my series 3 watch. And as a watch face complication the only thing that displays are the words Dark Sky and a bunch of dashes. If you click to fully open the app you can only see New York City weather info on your watch. This is even though I’ve re-confirmed that my default cities through the Dark Sky iPhone app are set and correct. The only thing that changed from one day to the next was the app update. I submitted a ticket a couple of days ago but have had no response. If it worked, I’d give it 5 stars. - Buggy as hell

Wrong location always! (1/5)
Hey dark sky, I only gave a 1-star so you would see this. I really love the app, it’s the best weather forecast out there. For a couple months now though, I get weather notifications stating I’m at a location that I am not. They are areas I frequent, but they are at least 15 miles away. Went I tap the notification, it finds my correct location, but why does the notification always think I can somewhere else? Thanks! - Mtk6

Good design. Not accurate. (2/5)
It never used to be this sporadic, but recently it’s all over the place. For example, dark sky is currently saying it’s 53 outside. 3 other sources (NWS, iOS weather, and local weather station) report 45. - Jimmmmmmmm9876

Map is no longer spherical!! The GLOBE IOW! (2/5)
Fix the GD APP! Map view used to be separate from our “local view”. The map used to be the globe! Fix it!! This is on iPhone...if UR gonna update stop breaking it. Or was this intentional?? Why would you have 2 identical views?? U wouldn’t. Would U?? - Adeptone

Sorry APP (1/5)
I don’t know why this would be, better on an android app the cost is $2.99 a year and on the Apple app it is $3.99, does not specify for how long and there are less features on Apple for more money. This I do not understand, to put it bluntly is sounds like Apple is taking advantage by by offering less for more money. I cannot and will not recommend this app for Apple users. - Dias groundhog

Radar is horrible (2/5)
The radar function in maps view never loads correctly. At best you get a partial view of the radar. - Java ☕️

Weather rock would be more accurate (SEE 💥WARNING💥) (1/5)
Since the large update the accuracy of the app has plummeted. Putting a stone outside and watching it for changes would be much more accurate (I.e. stone is wet, it is raining.) The weather app that comes default with the iPhone is MUCH more accurate and is FREE. Used to recommend this app to everyone but now I’m embarrassed I talked people into the $4 purchase. Have missed work multiple times because dark skies predicted 6-10 inches of snow (when no other stations predicted snow) only for no snow to fall. 💥WARNING💥 As mentioned in other reviews, “anonymous screen share” is on by default. Feel like it’s pretty wrong to spy on people’s screens without their consent. - Zach091

Used to be great (1/5)
The accuracy of this app is terrible. I wish I could get my money back. It used to tell you when it would start raining as soon as it started and now it’s completely off all the time. It’s so unreliable. - kmp2291

Waste of money... (1/5)
I bought this app because of the high ratings and everyone saying how accurate it was. I live in Asheville and it is seemingly very hard to forecast the weather for. I have downloaded 7 or 8 free apps for weather, but this one I bought because of its reputation and the fact that I couldn’t find a trial version. This was a mistake. This app is never correct to what my weather is currently doing or what it is going to do. In fact, it is usually off more than all the other apps. It is usually off by 5 degrees, and if it is currently raining it says it’s partly sunny. Lol. Honestly, it’s a little comical at how wrong it is on a constant basis. I have started showing how wrong it is to my friends when I am out and we have laughed so hard that one labeled the app “Dark Lie” due to its inaccuracy. It would be more hilarious if I hadn’t spent $ on it. Also, I was able to add a few cities to it as I travel often, but now it seems I cannot. Not sure what happened. I am deleting the app after this. I downloaded the free Weather Channel app and in the last 3 months I have noticed it is WAY more accurate than Dark Lie. - Cainusrising

Good, but not as good as advertised (3/5)
This app has some excellent attributes but unfortunately the app is not nearly as accurate as advertised. The app intends to provide “up to the minute” guidance on weather conditions in your location and unfortunately it is not that accurate. I’ve found a much more accurate “up to the minute” weather trick - just look outside. I’ve been humored many times while I hold the app open in my hand with it saying cloudy, rain starting in 5 minutes while rain drops are falling on my head. With that being said, there are some valuable features. It’s just that the app reaches too far with its claims. If they would stop advertising such superb accuracy, I would probably give it five stars. But if you are going to talk-the-talk, you’ve got to be able to walk-the-walk. - Rust96

Was really hopeful (1/5)
I usually don’t rate or review anything, but it was such a waste of money. It has been horribly incorrect about the weather and I have been caught on four occasions soaked in the rain when it said it wasn’t going to rain. Even checked the time machine to check back on those days and it still said it didn’t rain. I don’t spend money on apps but went on a recommendation from someone I value. I did my fair share of hyping it up and getting other people to purchase it, but now I’m sorely regretting that. Would be worth all the money if it worked but sadly I don’t even know what I can give it a good rating about for the money spent. Sad, rainy day. - notsingingintherain

The Best (5/5)
This is hands-down one of the best apps I have EVER bought. It is crazy accurate, and I often rely on it to walk our dogs between rain showers. If you’re looking for an accurate weather app, look no further! I HIGHLY recommend this app. - oceanicharbor

Meh (3/5)
I don’t now. It seems to have as many glitches as every other weather app. Often seems to not know where I am, even though I have location enabled. It’s reasonably accurate, but the interface is not that intuitive. Weather Underground has a much more intuitive interface—where you can just glance at it and see five days worth of weather, with the most important information immediately available. I still feel the need to keep about three weather apps on my phone. - Beldar88

Used to be great, but no longer (1/5)
This was my go to for accurate “can I ride my bike?” information, and it was beautiful. Now it’s just a bloated weather app I can’t figure out. - Bzzstfu

So Innaccurate... (2/5)
So I’m sitting looking out the window at the rain falling, falling pretty much nonstop for 12 hours now. Dark Sky says it’s not raining at all. No indication of pending, current or former rain. This is not the first time. - naicnepenthe

Great app; must always share location for watch complication to work (3/5)
I really love this app on the iPhone and love the Apple Watch complication; but know that in order to open the app to a screen other than “location unavailable” you have to allow the app to always use your location, not just when the app is open. For the Apple Watch complication to work, you not only have to always allow location sharing, but you have to have at least one push notification turned on. While the cofounder has been very honest about privacy practices and how Dark Sky uses your data, it would be nice if the app could work without one needing to always share one’s location. It’d be nice if the complication worked without needing to have push notifications turned on. - CJL12891289

Odd Reports (2/5)
Under ‘Next 7 Days’ app keeps showing 100% chance of rain for the day it is, even when it is clear and sunny. Today (Sunday) it’s high 70 degrees and beautiful. App says 100% chance of rain for Sunday (today). It’s bizarre! - Atlanta John

Not worth it, less accurate than iPhone Weather. (1/5)
This app did not work well at all for Austin, TX. - JasonDAustin

Never right (1/5)
This app is no good. It’s consistently 10 degrees off, it says 0-2% chance of rain while it’s raining and the layout and design aren’t very good. The icons don’t represent what’s actually happening and it’s just not for me. Thank you. - Mclong11111

Non-traditional radar isn’t helpful (3/5)
While I like the look of the app and its design, the reason I’m only rating it three stars is due to the radar. The radar uses non-traditional colors that aren’t helpful. Living in an area that drops below freezing during winter it’d be more useful to see the radar colors that indicate a difference between rain, sleet/freezing rain, and snow. The current implementation of colors only shows intensity which interestingly follows the traditional color scheme of sleet and snow year round. If this is changed in the future then I’d rate it at five stars. - -Glen-

Still my go to weather app! (5/5)
The weather forecast I actually count on. Is it always accurate? It’s a “forecast" not a “promise”. I have one feature request though - I’d like the data option I select in the Next 24 Hours to be “sticky” for the days in the Next 7 Days section. Perhaps a preference choice to also accommodate those who like it as is. - Traveling Ken

BE AWARE (3/5)
“Anonymous screen view and event stats” is enabled by default. If you pay for this app, just be mindful of that setting. Kind of a shady thing to do, especially to people that are buying your app. - Carlcal9

⚠️don’t believe the hype ⚠️ (3/5)
I swear people are so gullible these days. I tried both of them side by side for a week straight and dark Sky is no more accurate than Apple’s weather app. If you’re considering purchasing Dark Sky for the sole purpose of better weather predictions, then save your money and stick to the standard weather app. - ThatBabyAintMine

Suggestions for improvement (4/5)
1.The data is great...the new interface is actually a downgrade from the old one. You get used to it after a while though. Kindly fast track a new interface redesign.(please don’t try to cram too much information into one screen which is what the new interface does!) 2.Inability to permanently save a location. Every time I save a location(search and drag a location to the “saved locations” is lost after I close the app and the new locations are lost) Thank you for fixing the #2 above. Please provide us the ability to choose different themes . The new one has too much information crammed into a single screen. - Darthvader9

Doesn’t work properly since the big update (1/5)
New info: Every time I open the app now I have to close it and restart it to get the most recent weather data. It always shows me whatever the data was the last time I had it open and no amount of refreshing will fix it. Older info: As a designer who works in charts and graphs all day, the new graphs don’t make any sense. The previous graphs were what drew me to Dark Sky originally. The new graph has a pointless array of unlabeled floating dots that make no sense without reading the entire chart. Before, I could find the current hour, read the chance of precipitation, and move on. Now I have to scroll around the bottom with tiny buttons and read floating bubbles. Change it back to the old format or you’ve lost a loyal advocate for your app. - ry.sp.wil

Ugliest radar colors of any app (1/5)
Their attempt to use unique colors for the various weather conditions is irritating not to mention the fact that the colors are just flat out ugly - iClet