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Dark Sky Weather

Directed by Jackadam
Weather · 4+


Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more. YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options: Receive down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of government severe weather alerts (for such things as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, etc.), or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. TODAY WIDGET The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour and the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out. TIME MACHINE Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based off of seasonal averages. APPLE WATCH Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

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Solid in every way (5/5)
This app is reliable and fast and provides every bit of information that I want at a glance. Detailed information beyond that is a tap or two away. I switched from wunderground because it had gotten really bad and I’m completely satisfied with Dark Sky. - Jman33333333333

Don’t like the radar... (2/5)
I liked this app at first but then started to notice it displayed incorrect data on maps. I’m sitting here in the pouring rain and the app shows no rain in the area.... - Chad_Hburg

Great app. One weird thing (3/5)
I’ve always liked dark sky. I actually prefer the new UI style to the original one. The original was too “conceptual” and “trying to be cool” while the new one is clean, cool and works great. (I literally just got a notification saying rain was stopping and it stopped while I was writing this review!) The only weird thing is the complication on the watch app: the graph is backwards. I have never seen a temperature graph where the high is on the left and the low is on the right. Please change this so I can stop using the stock weather app altogether! - Spencer E Holtaway

Great but why (5/5)
I love the app it's awesome and all but it always says there is a flood warning when it's not even raining - The guy eho loves this game

A So So Weather App after trying it yet again (2/5)
** Past or recent inaccuracies with the weather forecast conditions and predictions - have improved some. ** I 100% agree with many others concerning this apps appearance and theme - it’s just terrible!! Please reconsider the color combinations and especially that of the radar! I - razdad1

At first seemed pretty cool BUT REALLY NOT SO MUCH (1/5)
This app is very limited and isn’t really very helpful. Don’t bother with this app . Waste of money. - Nataleed64

Good. Needs redesign (4/5)
I like the app and how fluid it is. However, I agree with others in there it needs a resign. It's set up in a way that is annoying to scroll through. Please fix an otherwise awesome app - AWiZZLE5

Great app but notifications don’t work (3/5)
There is a notification glitch that thinks the app does not have notifications permissions, so it constantly says grant notification permissions. Besides that, great app - ergonenc88

More updates, still not good! (1/5)
I have tried to write a review every time and update occurs, hoping that some very important things would change. They have not! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, give us end users the opportunity to change the radar colors!!!!!! I’m so tired of the blue, purple, white gradients for tracking precipitation!! It’s ALWAYS the same, regardless if it’s snow or rain, etc. Please give us the ability to see lightning or hail! There are so many settings we COULD have AS PAYING CUSTOMERS, that the developers seem to think are either not necessary or important to many of us! I still regret paying for this app! OH! AND, the app STILL has trouble finding my location many times I open it! I have to force quit and then reopen....... - nexus6man

Don’t buy this application. (1/5)
This application doesn’t work like on the video. Don’t buy it. Some fake reviews and Apple just pushing this app. No refund. The map of the planet is loaded intermittently. - Igor Gant

Improper decimal placement (4/5)
As of June 14 10p.m. 2019 All precipitation estimates had the decimal moved to the right of a digit contrary to the actual estimate according to other apps and NOAA according to it over the next 48 hrs we were expected to receive 37 inches of rain however it is usually correct - Johnyzgurl

App and support (5/5)
Both app and support are excellent - PatM955

A lot to like (3/5)
There’s a lot to like about this app, and l’m glad I bought it. But for me there is also a big missing element—information about the wind speed and direction. - Alex-Hfx

Acurate but not unattractive visuals (4/5)
I find the weather info provided by dark sky to be on point, but the UI is unattractive and cumbersome to me. Particularly the representation of temp and precipitation with the horizontally displaced black circles is difficult to assess at a glance. Perhaps use a bar chart with different colors for temp (orange) vs chance of precipitation (blue) to make them easily distinguishable. - AndrewP MD

I wouldn’t want this even if it were free (1/5)
The UI is messy. Too much stuff happening. People want something you can quickly glance at. Having to view weather timelines vertically is awful. Take a hint from Weather Live. Terrible purchase. No weather badge?? Really? Smh. Save your money and get a cup of coffee instead. At least you will enjoy it. - Winner_846

Run for cover (5/5)
I’ve had Dark Sky for a couple of years now and I love it. I’m outside a lot and need to know what the weather will be and when it’s going to rain so I can get to cover. Accurate 95 % of the time to the minute. I’ve recommended it to a number of my amazed friends. Thanks. - Studio 90

Love the accuracy (4/5)
I have loved this app since it started because of its up-to-the-second accuracy. I get a notification that rain with start soon and then walk over to the window & see the rain start to come down. It’s impressive. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because I miss the old interface. It was much simpler to get a glimpse of the weather with that interface. Any chance we could go back to that version?! - Jen_The_Hammer

Notifications stopped working (1/5)
This app used to be great until the notifications stopped working. All my settings are correct but no more notifications. - PuzzleLitt

No Longer Accurate (2/5)
Your temperatures where I live (91301) are way off from your past performance. Right now it's 96 degrees and Dark Sky is saying it's 75 and cloudy. It is perfectly clear. Your stuff used to be right on, what's the problem? The stock iPhone app is more accurate, says it's 91 degrees. Please fix.... - Jimmyjexx

A sad decline? (2/5)
I’ve used Dark Sky for years. It used to grant me god-like powers to predict the onset or cessation of rain. But something terrible has happened to the app’s accuracy, at least in the Bay Area. On a clear sunny morning, for example, it is now predicting an hour of drizzle. I am often hitting the “report” button to tell the app what is really going on. It is often wrong. Did the data sources change? The algorithms? - Ted Barnett

Always foggy?!? (1/5)
It’s been foggy since I bought the app a couple of months ago and it says it is foggy all the time. It has not been foggy each day I’ve had the app. I’d ask for you to fix it, but based on the other one-star ratings, I’m better off going back to Accuweather. (By the way, I bought this on the recommendation of MacWorld saying that Apple should buy your app and incorporate it into the iOS & WatchOS. I hope this does not happen...) - macadamiaa

What happened? (1/5)
This app use to be awesome. Crazy accurate. Now it is not. Just yesterday it said no rain, we planned time on the lake. Before we even left it was raining. Dark Sky still thought it was all clear. It finally caught up 15 minutes after the rain started. Just completely unreliable. - xXHexagonXx

Disappointing (1/5)
Well this was useless. I downloaded it because I thought paying a premium for good information would be worth it. I checked the info for today’s date and it said it was a high of 73 degrees with afternoon fog. Given that it was 104 by my back porch thermometer at 6 pm I’m going to call that a fail. There was no fog and no 70’s to be had within a 50 mile radius today. I don’t know why everyone’s info has been so off but this is no better and actually a bit worse than the free services available. Glad I paid for it. - jaune84

Where’s the rest of the app? (3/5)
I hope I’m missing something. The app has a forecast. Ok good. The world view looks great but then I realized there is not much there. I assumed I could zoom into storms and closely track them. But as far as that I was looking for some button to let me view other layers besides precipitation and temp. For 3 bucks i expected more. - Thinkerguy

I don’t understand the hype (2/5)
It doesn’t send me notifications like it should. When zooming in to a location on the radar the radar doesn’t play smoothly. It’s choppy and “tears” for lack of a better word. My wife’s free app from TWC seems to be more accurate at predicting rainfall and WU has more features. Personally, I don’t find the layout that attractive and it’s not really aesthetically pleasing. - HooperJB

should be called Obvious Sky (2/5)
its accurate once the weather is literally already happening right on top of you...i literally checked it on my way out the door to the park...everything thing is problems nothing on the radar...literally 10 minutes later Extreme Weather Warning...AFTER it had been pouring on me for about 10 minutes. So its wrong and its late and now im stuck at a park in a South Florida Torrential. Thanks Dark Sky. get something thats free bc this isn’t really worth the money. - sofla jay

A bit disappointed (2/5)
This is the least accurate weather app I have on my phone. I installed it because it was the editors choice and thought that gave it some extra credibility, however it is rarely ever accurate, although it’s interface is easy enough.. - Queen.Bean

Horrible Don’t Buy (1/5)
This app is horrible. Weather is always wrong and doesn’t offer many areas that accuweather app does. Download AccuWeather and call it a day. - SailorGal540

Accurate sometimes, getting worse (2/5)
When I tried this app a while back, it was accurate about 50-70% depending on my current location. These days I’d say it’s more 30-50% accurate for the same locations. Looking for something better, but most weather apps are deeply disappointing. I don’t see it ever give more drastically different results from any other weather app, so I’m not sure how useful user submitted reports really are. - sunmornrain

NOT WORTH $4! (2/5)
Lacks more color. I like a lot of color. - ghuhfryhgdnvc

No way this is worth $4!! Better (more accurate free apps) out there! 👎🏻 (2/5)
I’m not one for writing reviews much unless something just blows my mind or is a real piece of 💩... I can’t categorize Dark Sky in either as it’s obviously better than the default iOS weather app - but as an aviator, I’m looking for fronts and barometric pressures and wind speeds as well as ceilings and whilst I already have allot of “company apps” that smoke anything in the App Store, I have to be plugged in and sitting in the cockpit to access all that and so thought I’d try to find something more “robust” I could look at without being at the airport (or before heading out) - This is why I’m writing. The “book cover” sales job and #1 ranking and the hefty price tag (compared to your standard .99p app) gave me the impression that I was buying a very accurate and robust weather app that’d let me focus on specific areas and get the most up to date info possible (this is in their “write up” and even call it “magical” in that we’ll be blown away by its accuracy and info offered when it comes to the weather. Bzzzz - Wrong. Do not waste your money. Their slick little spinning globe 🌎 animation is what sucked me in because I fly internationally all the time and so I naturally thought all of the globe would be covered: this, plus us just getting slammed here in Dallas yesterday with an unexpected (unforcasted) “side wind” line of thunderstorms-Killed one person, knocked down a 30 story construction crane into an apartment complex and threw winds up to 80mph at us... Also knocked out power for 36 hours for 230,000 ppl and only 40% are restored 2 days later... I’m very accustomed to springtime storms in Texas and “tornado alley” but even this one caught everyone off guard (my lil free cheesy “Around Me” restaurant app popped up saying it would rain in 8 mins and it was spot in correct) Sadly no warnings about the storm it was packing nor the winds. And since I was blocked into my hotel parking lot the day from fallen trees and lines after the storm; I walked the area just to see at least 30+ massive old oaks uprooted and power lines down everywhere. Transformers had lit up the night like the 4th of July as they just couldn’t handle the winds (that sideways rain is always a trip - but I had hail and tree leaves blowing thru the cracks in my hotel door!) It was quite the storm and that’s what got me hunting for a “better weather app”. Well, despite the cool spinning globe that suckered me in (the “book cover”) beyond that, there’s nothing “deep” when it comes to data as others have said. Sadly too it doesn’t pull data from the airports I fly into/out of... so I’m unsure where they’re collecting their data from?? And it very well may tell you it’s going to rain in XYZ minutes but beyond that, again as others said, very little barometric data or humidify or dew points or winds etc?!? And for $4 bucks, I was expecting allot!! The post below mine complains about the inaccurate radar graphics and I must concur... Not really sure what they’re using for their radar info - but is so washed out (like a vague water colour painting vs a crisp doplar line) it’s impossible to tell where the storm or rain is?!? No lightning strike info either (I’ll recant that part of I find it later as I just read there’s a “swipe left / swipe right” option that I did not see before when I was setting things up and testing). So forgive me if I’ve missed some additional data there. But for example I know London got hammered today and will again tomorrow yet at first it says “no radar available” so moved onto Auckland, NZ and Christchurch and got the same messages (GB/UK has terrible radar coverage/equipment so that can be forgiven - but NZ and Oz have some of the most bleeding edge weather kit I’ve ever seen) - yet just shows this “watercolour” blur for the radar and no fronts or barometric pressures that I could find. Then I saw the other apps they’ve developed snd it’s clear that meteorology nor weather are really their forte. They just take standard data feeds and tried to put a sexy GUI over the top and charge a premium price for it. Sadly, from the sales pitch, I bit and got suckered in. Honestly, there are a dozen free apps that blow this one away in both GUI, data and accuracy... I’d love to delete it, but will try it for a few days since it cost me a Starbucks coffee equivalent. But do not suggest buying this. Lastly, on my main weather app I have 60+ cities and locations (private airports) preloaded and stored on my phone and iPad. Yet with Dark Sky you can only load 6 locations?!? Why? There’s no need for this restriction that I can see?? So will probably be deleting it for that reason alone. The other issue is they’re High/Low bar graph and GUI is just “meh” at best. I do believe that “less is more” so part of their simplistic bar graph appeals to me. But please throw some cloud or sun or wind or lightning 🌩 graphics on there too so we know at a glance what we’re potentially flying into aye?? So those are my chief complaints... one last thing, if you want 24x7 notifications then you have to turn on “Location” ALL the TIME, not just while “using the App” So suspect that’ll do a number on your battery life too. 👎🏻 So yeah I just talked myself out of ever using this one again. Sorry. Nice try but no way it’s worth what you’re charging and falls way short in the “real data” dept. Pass! Gave it 2 stars for its sexy cover. The rest is just standard everyday stuff you can get in any free app. Do not buy!! - B00ZEBAR0N

Very accurate (5/5)
I think this app is the best weather app you will ever find. One morning dark sky said it was going to lightly rain in 6 minutes and sure enough it did. I really recommend this weather app if you have a dog or do activities outside often. - webycbbewuydbeuydbueydb

Real disappointment from a featured app (2/5)
Based on the highlight in the App Store and description of capabilities I bought and installed it. Since installation and setup, it’s been consistently 8-10 degrees below the local TV stations weather reports and the other weather apps I use - Accuweather, Yahoo, Apple Weather and NOAA Radar. Local and other apps show 100-102 degrees now, porch thermometer reads 102, Dark Sky says it’s only 91. I wish! There are some somewhat unique features, so $3.99 is not a big loss, but I won’t be using it for temperature or confidence. Only amusement. TF - Canyonist

Such an amazing app! (4/5)
I just keep coming back to this app year after year. I bought it few years ago and it only has gotten better! Unfortunately though I currently live and travel abroad in Europe so the hour by hour tracker doesn’t work here but still this app is much much better than the default weather app! Buy it! And I’ll give you guys 5 starts if you can get support for Europe! - Krish7777

Overpriced hype (2/5)
The app looks cute. Even though most to all of the info you are interested is there, it always seems to either take too many taps or digging around to find. Once the info is found, the presentation often is unusual (too cute?) that it takes a moment to process what it's saying. That's too inefficient. As for the current condition, "foggy" seems to be the default when it doesn't know what to say. Clear, overcast, light mist, all could cause the app to say "foggy." Other times, when wind is gusting at 35+ MPH, it could say "clear" and that's it. Good weather app would say windy at least. Next hour forecast is accurate about half of the time. In the end, this app provides same info as other weather apps, often not better to worse. At $3.99, it's overpriced hype. I literally get laughed at by friends who have better data using free apps. Maybe worth $.99 to remove ads, that's about it. This app is in the same category as Siri; fun to pull out at parties for a laugh, but you'd never use as utility. I regret spending the money and would not recommend this app. - Me64364

Unironically one of the best apps (5/5)
This is one of the best apps I've bought! (Along with SleepCycle and Spotify for how often I use it) And I'm an impulse buyer so I buy a lot. I've used darksky almost every day for over a year and I still enjoy how accurate it is (even though it's just using data from wunderground lol) the info is also presented pretty well. - Evan I Am

Intuitive and Clean (5/5)
I think weather reporting on mobile device comes with an inherent challenge of trying to cram as much information into a small space without being cluttered and overwhelming, or spreading that information around thereby making it difficult to find. Dark Sky handles this job masterfully. The accuracy of any weather app is one of those subjective things that people can argue about forever, but in my opinion Dark Sky gets it right probably 90% of the time. I think my favorite thing to check on Dark Sky is the Next 24 Hours section. I rarely care what the conditions are right now because I can step outside and check for myself, but what I really want to know is what are the conditions going to be later in the day. Dark Sky displays this information in a very easy to understand format, and follows that sections with the Next 7 Days section. As someone that travels for work every week, the Next 7 days sections is an invaluable tool for packing my suitcase. Thanks to the developer(s) at Dark Sky for making such a great app, and please keep those improvements coming! - CopperRaven

Not for me (2/5)
I've been a long-time user of another weather app that gets rain data from Dark Sky. When my favorite weather app stopped working and I had to pay $3.99 to buy the update, I decided to try Dark Sky. The rain alerts are the main reason I use any weather app. I don't want a static notification telling me that rain is coming. I liked my favorite app's animated rain widget so I figured Dark Sky would be even better. Well, sometimes the original is the best and other times, like now, the copies are better. The Dark Sky widget and the rain bar in the app are static and don't allow for customizations. That may work for some but doesn't work for me. - soflachick

Don’t waste your money. (1/5)
I tried using this app for boating. It only shows the radar 45 min in advanced and is inaccurate. Don’t depend on it - Salty89

Does not provide precise weather for location (2/5)
No weather stations near me that are able to provide accurate weather, apparently. Wunderground and TWC app both are able to provide weather within a degree of accuracy. The best Dark Sky can do is 4-5-6 degrees off. - jonjlp

Why (1/5)
Is it saying it’s 13 degrees when it’s 58. I paid for an app that doesn’t even show the correct temperature when I could have just used my free app that works better.. so upset fix Michigan’s weather. - Lyllaaa

Same image does not work (1/5)
... - Cheung Ching Hei

Disappointed (1/5)
Been using this app for years. Absolutely spot on. Now the forecast is awful. Can’t forecast rain like it used to. It’s become another worthless weather app. - trthckr

SUPERB!!! (5/5)
Accurate, intuitive, simple; the UI conveys ample data that is immediately readable and understandable. RARELY do apps reach this level of excellence!!! Thank you, Dark Sky - NPMG19

Not as accurate as advertised (3/5)
The app is packed with features like weather radar, alerts, daily summary, and a few others. While those are great, I do see sometimes weather forecast being very inaccurate in real time (Indianapolis, IN) or weather forecast for the next 12 hours would change literally every 10 mins. It’s really hard to say what to expect if it says “Sunny” for the evening and 10 mins later it is “Drizzle” for the same time of day if you check in the morning or afternoon. I don’t expect 3-7 days forecasts to be accurate, but 12 hours ahead I think is reasonable. On top of that, the radar animation has some visual artifacts like some cloud images were unevenly stitched together or like some middle slices of images were cut out. - Alexb8989

Too much clicking, (3/5)
This app is default focused on precipitation no way to set a default to see wind it used to be that you could get a really accurate sense of all of the weather factors, precipitation etc. at a glance. Now you have to click on a day and then make a massive horizontal scroll just to view the wind. Wind is important where I live. Have to switch to something else. Filters and preferences would help but I really hate to be that guy wishes they would go back to the visual design that they had before 1-2 years ago. Perhaps a classic version sister app? - Hujanot

Dark Sky is worse than a wet rock (1/5)
This weather app is so inaccurate it can’t even tell me when it’s raining where I currently am. A wet rock can do that! - GuidedbytheDingo

A beautiful dud (1/5)
Ever since I downloaded this app I’ve had issues. Push notifications do not work properly. I NEVER get NWS alerts, even after deleting and reinstalling. I submitted a support ticket, but help has been slow-going. I was in the middle of a flash flood warning today and was never notified by this app...NWS pushed direct to my phone, thankfully. This app also doesn’t update location on the go. You have to open the app for it to register your current location. I was on a road trip and kept getting weather updates for cities I had left hours prior. Not sure this was worth paying for. - USAF_Todd

What’s Happening? (3/5)
Dark Sky used to be my go-to weather app. Incredibly accurate, lovely design, easy to use interface. Lately the accuracy has been decreasing...and pretty substantially. The difference between temp and “feels like” temp almost never changes, which can’t be accurate ever. It never knows my location, I always have to close and re-open. I’ve downloaded and deleted multiple times, and tried it on multiple phones. - MusicManDT24

Great App!!!! (4/5)
So usually im a skeptic about paying for apps, this app broke that skepticism with the praise its gotten. I really enjoy this app, its incredibly accurate. Some improvements id like to see to be a weather app killer are multiple complication types. The weather app offers complications like wind direction and UV index so it would be neat of dark sky can implement features like that - KevoStrassy