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* SEND A MESSAGE -Skip exchanging phone numbers, just send a message. It's seamless across devices. * SHOW YOUR REACTION - Add a silly sticker, send a dancing GIF and use emojis to express yourself better. * SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - Capture the moment with the Messenger Camera, add a filter or doodle, then send to friends or share to Stories. * RALLY THE GROUP - Make plans to get together with polls, share your location, split the bill and more. * HOP ON A CALL OR VIDEO CHAT - Hang out anywhere, anytime by getting on call or a group video** chat — filters optional :) **Calls are free over Wi-Fi but otherwise standard data charges apply. * SEND A VOICE MESSAGE - When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send say, sing or shout it out loud. * SEND MONEY SECURELY AND EASILY (within US, UK and France only) - Send and receive money from friends in the app by adding your debit card or PayPal* account. *PayPal available in the US only. * SHARE YOUR LOCATION - Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps. * CHAT WITH BUSINESSES - Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more. * PLAY GAMES WITH FRIENDS - Challenge friends, climb leaderboards, and discover your next gaming obsession.

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Messenger deleted (5/5)
Well I had messenger for a long time I really enjoyed it i loved it but for some reason one day I tried to enter my messenger and I couldn’t it said it got deleted or something and I tried to get it back and nope I couldn't and I was really sad because I really loved and needed messenger and it just got deleted - valrierangel

Deleting old messages (1/5)
Why is it still not possible to delete old messages from both sides? Not recent messages older messages - ceeee000

Can’t remove contacts anymore (4/5)
I like using the app but with the latest updates they took away to option to remove contacts you don’t actually know. I used to be able to message someone from a group page I was in or about an item on marketplace and then remove them as a contact but now there’s no option to remove them anymore and now they constantly pop up on my chat list. Soooo annoying. Please fix that! Bring that option back please. Makes me not want to message anyone from any pages I follow or from marketplace besides people I actually know. Besides that the app is good in my opinion. Works better than FaceTime since my husband is deployed and he doesn’t get the best service out there. - GeminiGal06

Crashes (1/5)
Keeps crashing bruh - GamesForLife45

pollution in the form of an app (1/5)
why in the name of Eris is this it's own app? absolutely ridiculous that I have to have two apps on my phone, one of which is too big to download on data, to properly use Facebook! not to mention the thought of giving Facebook, arguably number one in shady practices regarding user data, access to my text messages is equally revolting and maddening. this is a complete joke of an app and possibly the worst waste of space on the app store. - Sleeephead

Messenger (1/5)
It’s out dated do a simple search for free chat rooms there are so many. 1 example is telegram x there are several other good ones. Just tell your friends you can still FB and use the other chat rooms. I hope this helps the many frustrations people are having and by the way messenger will kill your battery life weather you are using it are not. Uninstall it before you have to buy a new one - rehxjnsfbzhdjvfq

Stars (1/5)
This F’ing site is lucky to one star - angry and disappointrd

Not working (1/5)
My app isn’t working, whenever I’m trying to log in it says an error has occurred, it’s been happening for 2 days now - Rudra77

Don’t remind me - annoying (1/5)
I don’t like seeing reminders to turn on notifications. Every time I open my settings, there’s a reminder to turn on notifications. My chosen notifications ARE ON. The reminder only goes away when I turn on ALL notifications. This is ridiculous. I don’t need or want to be notified in multiple ways. Stop notifying me about notifications. - Annavon

Games (5/5)
The games are the best - Rose _2016

Facebook force you to update (2/5)
I’ve refused to update the app since its redesign and now the app has stopped working altogether 😪 Fix your UI Facebook it’s ugly as hell - Aza Fudo

Disappointed (1/5)
I can no longer use this app because I cannot update it. My account says it has been disabled. The only reason possible is a dispute of charges. During the time I was in the hospital, I had 3 erroneous charges. I did not charge anything, but have been penalized for speaking up. All of this after spending a few thousand dollars on games during the last few years. Have always paid my bills. What is up with this? Very bad practice! I am EXTREMELY frustrated and would like to speak to a human being. Thanks, - keekee'smom

Destroyed relationships (1/5)
Facebook and messenger were Mae to destroy relationships!! - Morgans world

Seriously? (2/5)
I was avoiding updating this app as long as possible, because holy cow do I hate the new logo, interface, thumbs up button, everything!!!! Change it back! Seriously, you made the app 10 times worse than it was!!!! - Robin Starveling 2112

Bad update G (2/5)
Keeps logging me out every time I go onto Messenger I have to re-login it’s not very convenient and really really annoying😡😡😡 - BamBamKG

Favorite your filters (2/5)
The Medusa filter should always be an option on the video chat. It’s such a fun filter and I love that the snakes open their moth when you talk. It’s not always on mine but it’s sometimes an option on my friends and I want it to be an option for everyone all the time. You should keep all the filters on the video chat instead of changing them each time. Maybe have something to where everyone can favorite the filters they like the most and those ones are the ones that are always available to them because it’s annoying when you can’t find your favorite filter - Bmitchum

Edits text without permission (1/5)
Always converts emoticons to emoji without a clear setting to stop this. If I want to use an emoji I will but if I want to put :O I can’t because of your dumb app - Lindsay.w210

Never emptied! (1/5)
It has shown 1 message in my inbox for the last few months and there’s nothing new! So annoying. I have opened it on the computer, in desktop mode on the phone, deleted and reinstalled, checked in the requests folder, NOTHING. - crespo729

After update the messenger or Facebook app won’t delete stories (1/5)
After the last update, Facebook messenger or the app will not yet you delete a story. I uninstalled, not playing that game. - SansyB85

Cumple de Ivelisse (5/5)
Felicidades. Bendiciones. Que lo hayas pasado súper. Myriam Cruz Cruz ADSO UPRH Jubilada - Cloud! 271

Video call (3/5)
Video call isn’t working anymore 😕 - disturbed plauer

Cannot delete a story post. Keeps giving an error. Beyond ridiculous and dangerous. I hope whoever caused this issue faces severe consequences. - kevinc1218

Thanks for nothing (1/5)
I want to let you know you have ruined so many lives with these lay off. Families that need insurance. Cancer treatments,so much more. Loosing there retirement after working so many years. Loosing homes. I hope you never have to go thru this.a lot of people both spouses work there.this just doesn’t effect the families but whole communities. I’m just speechless of your greed. - eliascook

Messenger opens new messages that I don’t want reply too yet (5/5)
Every time someone calls or messages me on messenger the chat automatically opens up as soon as I click on messenger is there a way to stop it from doing that? Please help - jokersensei

Liberal Facebook controlled censorship App (1/5)
If you offend Facebooks liberal censors they will prevent you from using messenger also. Facebook does not allow the truth. - SpecialProjects

I hate this app now (1/5)
I hate the fact that I open the app & it automatically opens an unread message in my account. What if I didn’t want to answer that person or open the message? This has been going on for a while now, when are y’all going to fix that bs I’m about ready to just delete the app & keep it pushing its always something with fb nowadays!! - rachelloveslina

Buggy trash (1/5)
I would literally rather use any other messaging app, the o oh good thing is chat heads but I don't get those because I have an iPhone so I have no reason to use messenger - idfc what nickname is taken

Fix this (1/5)
I’ve been having nothing but issues, pictures won’t send and they won’t load either. Now my messages aren’t even going through as they should..this app needs either updated or fixed - bscowley

Saving videos from messenger to my cellphone (5/5)
I love the way I can keep in touch with love ones and friends and family But I can’t save no videos that someone sends me I wish there was a way to save it does anyone knows how to save them???? - Chantel Guillotte

I wish I could customize my alert tone (1/5)
It won’t use my alert tone from my phone that I paid for. It just uses the standard messenger alert tone - Joanna Gruesome

I hate it (1/5)
All of it - ding rum

Big Brother (1/5)
If you want your conversations recorded and your privacy open to Ad Sales and Facebook Employees please use Messenger! - Stoneal

No matter how far... (5/5)
I love it because I can FaceTime my friend in South Korea! We love to use the filters and just be silly 🙃 - relcowgirl

Deleting (2/5)
I have people in my Messenger list that I have spoken to through garage sale sites. Now I cannot delete that person off of my list. I want to be able to delete people. And I should not have to block them because I might have to talk to them again. Can we get this fixed? I would also like to send photos with a message instead of separately from the message. And I would like to send more than one sometimes with that message. Or more than one photo in one sending instead of one at a time. That could make some of our messages so much easier thank you for reading. - Yep3x

Messenger Stories? (5/5)
I love the messenger app but where did the stories go. After the update I went to upload to my story and I can’t seem to find it. Please fix this. - cutekisskk

Failed us (5/5)
It should be a log out button... that is all - Getbread810

Translate (3/5)
I wish It would automatically translate for you but it doesn’t it does for one of my friends but it doesn’t for the other - fdethh

Not playing (1/5)
Sounds is not playing on my videos - kikyomike90

Po, po, po, (1/5)
Not to happy with have keep updating all the time and they will not leave someone alone about it if they do not want to keep updating it every 2-3 months so I don’t rate it at all. This one star is not what I would rate it it would be zero. Now stop having me update it all the time. Now it’s give me a hard time with the nickname. - Po, po, po

Adding this app (1/5)
There’s a ton of crap telling about how awesome this app is...why not spend the time making it easy to load and use? I couldn’t figure it out with all of the self-gratification posts from the company lol! - Captain Midnight Mouse

Sorry (1/5)
I have to say .1 stars - 2949482771

Facebook issues (3/5)
I’m having trouble logging into my messenger and Facebook app but when I log in online , it works. Help me figure this out? - Mommytok_

Don’t like it (1/5)
I hate being forced to have an app just to instant message people on Facebook. Facebook used to have an on-site messaging system. Now they force you to download an app for it. Why? Also, I’ve heard this app can access your camera and microphone without your knowledge. Facebook also keeps records of your conversations, and can probably use that data however they want. So I’m not keeping this app. - Laincloud

Keyboard bug (3/5)
Sometimes the app glitches and causes the keyboard to disappear. - komichutrom

Loooong download (2/5)
Takes forever.. - AZ kittykat

Redundant app (1/5)
You shouldn’t need this app but Facebook requires it because of intentional poor design. You may choose to continue using it, but you can give it a 1 star rating if you think the whole thing is bs. It is. - Duder476

¡Buena! (5/5)
Llevo tiempo usandola y es genial. No tengo Facebook ya que se puede usar sin Facebook. Es estupenda. - Enrique Irizarry

Updates unusable (1/5)
Every time they do a big update on this it's completely unusable when it's supposed to fix bugs. Stop changing things and just put out something that works properly. - Willneverdownloadagain

annoying (2/5)
so i have a restriction on it and can’t talk to my friends. please fix it. NOW - Lizzie-Tha-Llama💕😏

Disappointed (1/5)
Freezes all the time. Been frozen for about 4 hours now. 😡😡😡 - wyndigirl