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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Bad update (1/5)
Bad update, some times app Logging out without any reason!!!! - ::[Abdullah]::

Nothing compared to Inbox (1/5)
Bring back Inbox. Feel like I’m back in the early 2000’s. - ChelseyG324

Undo the Update (1/5)
I too think the update makes it very difficult for me as I have several gmail addresses and they now merge together. It's also confusing as how to switch between email addresses. The process is easier on my iPhone than on my Samsung tablet. Why the need for the change? Is there a benefit I'm missing or was it change for change sake? - Leave Well Enuff Alone

Good (5/5)
I think it a very good, nice app I have got to say well I don’t know about you but I like it - LaShay plays 21

Confusing, slow and bad (1/5)
I just got the gmail app and wanted to change my profile picture I clicked on it the app and it didn’t load. I clicked on it three or four more times and it still didn’t load meanwhile I have an iPhone X which has a high processor so there must have been a major bug please fix it. - KellyTheSog

Why? (2/5)
Why couldn’t Inbox be rebranded and redesigned? I know it is Easter weekend, but I’d prefer not to hunt for features... Send your GMAIL to your device’s native mail app because this is not user friendly even if you figure out how to adjust swipe behavior... - Jimmi Desrosiers

Bad (1/5)
This app update totally messed up everything. Half of my emails are gone and I don’t know what to do. Extremely frustrating. The update was so bad and messed up everything I had the delete the app. - avd36

It just keeps getting worse! (1/5)
I have 3 gmail accounts for different reasons, as a way to organize my email effectively, and see less garbage if I don't want to. This newer version does not let me go back and forth between my accounts like I used to could, and I can no longer access one of my accounts at all! I only see a few messages in my "all inboxes" part, but can't see all of them! I've missed some important ones that I'd like to see, yet see crap I could care less about! Please revert back to letting users switch between our accounts with ease! I’m really tired of the glitches, as well! I wish we had a delete all option when we are trying to delete a lot of emails from the same sender. Right now when I try to delete a large amount of emails from the same company, I have to touch each one, and inevitably, when I get several tagged, the app closes out, and I have to start all over again! It’s very frustrating! At those point, I'm looking into other options for my email! -

Bring Inbox back (1/5)
This is so much less organized. I can’t archive all of my promotions. The bundles are all jumbled. Just not a fan at all. - bccoble6390

Bring back Inbox (1/5)
After being forced to switch to the Gmail app after google decided to discontinue the Inbox app I can see why I never used it in the first place. While it is generally easy to use it is not as useful as Inbox was. Inbox automatically put my emails into different categories making them easy to find and manage. Purchase something from Amazon and it is right there in my Purchases folder and easy to find and manage. Gmail app, I now have to go looking for the email which is even more frustrating since Google has now put ads disguised as emails mixed into everything. I do not want ads in my email. Bring back Inbox, it worked perfectly! - Boost8d

AMAZING ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ (5/5)
I always get a message when I get information but no offense to yahoo, in yahoo I got some troubles I didn’t get any messages but in gmail it amazing it helped me with changing my ROBLOX account name! But when I got my email verified it says I need to pay to change it but I’m still proud that i finally got to get a verified email after...3-4 years - kazoom_5

Passwords (1/5)

Don’t waste you time on this (1/5)
I give this a 1 star rating because when ever I put in a correct email with password and it says there is something wrong or I miss spelled everything and when I check everything was right - Fortnite=for losers

Why did you shutdown Inbox? (1/5)
If I only had a chance to like the reviews mentioning or comparing Gmail app to outstanding usability of Inbox.. Terrible user experience, slow response, confusing ads that look like emails.. Lack of intelligence that Inbox app had. According to me, huge step backwards for dealing with emails. It seems that at Google projects created by talented and user oriented people are replaced by tools pushed by greedy and careless politicians.. really sad - GrzesioG

Badge notices do not work. (1/5)
The iOS Gmail app does not show new email notifications, badge notices. Even with Settings Notifications - All New Mail enabled, the notification badge does not show. I constantly have to go into the App to see if new mail arrives. The app settings for background app refresh is turned on, along with badge notifications enabled. Prior to this update badge notices would be shown within seconds of any new email. - Welles

To busy (1/5)
I like tons of features, but they should disappear till I need them so I can focus on what I need to. Another thing: the layout changes from vertical to landscape on and iPad in a disorderly way, pick a way and stick with it so gmail feels the same everywhere. - landokids5

I like it but why... (5/5)
I like it but why can’t I change from Archive to just Delete ! - TheBishop76

Ugh (1/5)
I want Inbox back :( - Ross.Rain

Unsatisfying Replacement for Inbox (3/5)
Inbox was clean and minimalist. Gmail is full of obtrusive ads and is cluttered by comparison. I use it only when I need to search for a hard to find email. Disappointed that a well designed app was killed. - jbru13

Bad app ever. Ty. Y h ju. Fun (5/5)
Nynyjyjymyjyny. Bad - fjfnnjfnf

No multitasking support for iPad (1/5)
No support for split view and other multitasking features available in iPad Pro - Shashank28m

Best of ever (5/5)
The title says all - Dark_Tide

Hate the ads (1/5)
I hate the ads! I already get enough spam I don’t need more ads. That is why I liked inbox. I never had to deal with ads. - sherrylondon

Now with ads that look like emails!! (1/5)
It’s bad enough google is mining data from my emails and selling the information, they could at least have the decency to not throw their ads directly in my face while I’m sorting through spam. - JD73BIS

Absolutely awful (1/5)
I just recently updated my gmail app. It’s awful! Why the hell do I want to see “top promotions” at the top of my mail? And I don’t need to see how many unopened emails I have! I guess I’ll be deleting the app and just going back to checking my email on the computer. - 88shylord

Snooze function needs to be restored (1/5)
Prior to the latest update the snooze function allowed me to choose among several options including manually selecting a date and time to defer to. Now my only choices are “later today” and “tomorrow” - GM1138

New version is trash (1/5)
I held out to the end using the older version of Gmail, I changed over on my iPhone and I hate it. I do not like how you have to go to each category to delete your mail, I have to go select all mail before I can go through all of it. Gmail please go back to the other way. Yahoo is looking better and better. - Tv18

Bugs (1/5)
Used to work great. Latest update makes your screen vanish when replying to an email. - TDDragon

Lack of Attachment Support = Unsecure Drive Functionality (1/5)
Gmail has become unusable due to the lack of file/attachment functionality on iOS. I cannot attach files, rather mearly send public links to my files which is VERY unsecure. I can't attach files using my iCloud files. I've been forced to switch to the iOS mail app... - Shawn Gee, M.D.

Today was a sad day, I was forced to use this terrible Gmail app over the alternative, Inbox, app. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. I guess Google is too big for the simple advice. - Airnelson

Frustrating (2/5)
I’d rather have the “Inbox” over “Gmail”. To piggyback on the last review. I agree with everything she says. But would like to add, with Gmail you can’t select all and mark them as read or delete. I’m considering leaving google mail all together. 😐 - Char0729

I want INBOX back (1/5)
I never had trouble with INBOX. Recently it was discontinued for the GMAIL app which never updates because it “can’t connect”. Unacceptable! - !Windy120

Buggy! Bring back Inbox! (1/5)
I was forced to switch to the Gmail app after Google shut down Inbox. I used to love Gmail until I discovered Inbox and found how much easier and more intuitive it was to use. I received notifications that Inbox was being shut down and kept putting off the switch until one day I opened Inbox and was forced to download Gmail to see my email in an app format. I HATE IT! I thought it was just that I would need a period of readjustment time to get used to Gmail but it’s not just that. The fact that it is so buggy (e.g. trouble switching accounts, issues with simple settings, etc. ) drive me crazy. I have to close out of the app and reopen several times a day just to check my email. I’m even considering switching to Outlook (gasp!) just to avoid the buggy issues. I’m extremely disappointed in this app. Why didn’t google keep Inbox and shut down this one instead? I would have been ok if they rebranded Inbox as Gmail too. - JustKWI

A pain to clear out/delete multiple emails (3/5)
I had the misfortune to be really busy this week and did not clean out my emails for three days. I get a lot of ads which I scan if I need something but frequently get the same ads Every Day. I want to be able to Easily Delete whole days’ worth of junk. This current system is time consuming and finger numbing! PLEASE HELP. This is more important to me than some of the “new features”! - BookwormG

😒 (2/5)
I want a delete all button!! - Allysaywhat

Inbox was better (2/5)
Inbox was so much better. Very disappointed with being forced to switch. Gmail app feels much less organized, not easier or more convenient...chaotic. Make Inbox an option! - Au8181

Limited email access (1/5)
Ever since the update I have only a few weeks of emails that I can see. I have tried to go to settings and change the view but nothing works! I am an email hoarder and I keep all my old emails and like to use the search when I need to find something. I can’t with this new update! I have to go to the web to access a “full site” version (for lack of a better term) in order to access older emails!! It’s soooo frustrating!!! I used to love using the gmail app compared to yahoo but now I hate it!!!! - A.C.T.88

Bring back inbox (1/5)
I tried really hard but I still love inbox way more - blublu0916

Stinks compared to Inbox they killed (1/5)
Just another example of “we know best.” Inbox made me download Gmail app if I wanted to access my gmail. OK, must be better. WRONG! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to select unread messages, in mass, not one at a time. Tried the in app help, you know, Google, and nothing tells you how to do what you used to be able to do. Just another disappointment in app land. - Stuke

Bad, bad, bad! (5/5)
I really don’t th - 정이연

Bring back the old app (1/5)
The new Gmail app pales in comparison to the old one. Why did y’all try to fix something that wasn’t broken? My husband and I loved the old app and used it for years but are having to switch to another company since the new Gmail app just doesn’t compare. :( - bristy07

Used to work (1/5)
This app used to work but now since April 8, 2019 I have not gotten any emails I don’t know what to do and I’m very upset. - NickDaDic

I want INBOX back !!!!!! (1/5)
Made me change from INBOX to Gmail and I don’t like it. Please make Gmail just like Inbox please please !!! Don’t know why you stopped supporting it - cbriskcbdheisjfur

Gmail Not showing incoming mail (2/5)
My Gmail app on screen does not show count of mail that has arrived or not open. Thank you - Rleeder80

gmail update (3/5)
The swipe “move to” does not work on the left/right swipe on my iphone & ipad. Very frustrating since I use that feature frequently. I still have to do it the longer way. Please fix. Thank you - LuvsMnMs

Old emails and settings gone (1/5)
Updated on phone and lost all old emails and settings. Had to start from scratch. - RantSun

Bring back Inbox!!!!!!!! (1/5)
This app is awful; no “undo” delete option, and the most important function, sending emails, is faulty!!! As I’m writing out the email, I lose the ability to scroll down to read the email I’m replying to - which is important in reading dates and responding to all aspects of the email. Please bring back Inbox!!!!!!! It was the BEST email application ever - I mean EVER!!!!!!!!!!! - rbhoops

Please improve categorization (3/5)
Can you please bring back categories like you had them in the “Inbox” app?, it was so much better. Now it’s not intuitive to know on which category you are, many times I find myself in some category the entire day and i miss a bunch of emails throughout the day, eventually I realize that I have to jump back to Primary, not good. - javiervazquezh


Not happy (1/5)
Staff is not professional tech especially watching video during eye testing laughing loudly n says they get down time. Well I tried to say something politely n she was rude, disrespectful and did not care. Becky the manager apologized for them. as I walked out the tech was not polite and the staff in there that work with patients were all unprofessional never have I walked out during an appointment. This was the exception. - patients should come first