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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Email (4/5)
It’s good so I can get my emails - amani❤️🤗

Ads (1/5)
Stop trying to disguise ads as emails. It started with one, now there are two at the top of each page. Even when you know it's an ad, it's still easy to mistakenly hit the wrong icon. - rdb22190

Great App (5/5)
This app is my main email, so I use it a lot. It’s slow when sending, but receives quickly even over long distances (like the Atlantic Ocean). Of all email apps, these are my ratings: 1. Yahoo(for everything) 2. Apple Mail (works for everything especially when u need organizing) 3. Gmail(best as a home email) 4. Outlook(best as a work email) - apandaartist

Latest update ruined reading email (1/5)
I’m no longer able to read email messages on my phone. No text shows up. If I hit reply then I see the full message text. But otherwise I can’t read incoming messages in the gmail app. This is highly inconvenient. - Kmc76

“Mark all as read” requires a computer (2/5)
Can’t do this from the App? That’s ridiculous - chazschopp

iCloud Drive (2/5)
It is not possible to access the files in my iCloud drive and attach them in an email thats so frustrating. - Maloke117

What’s Up With the New Update (2/5)
I updated the gmail app and suddenly I can’t access my ‘Updates’ categories folder. It doesn’t seem to be appearing and it makes my emails look very unorganized and I can’t find any of my new ‘updated’ emails. - Jo_347

HATE IT (1/5)
I keep separate accounts for different purposes. Having all these things dumped into one spot is NOT better, not functional, and not wanted. - vivalila

Add Google Trips Bundles (4/5)
Why don’t you add the trip bundles to Gmail?! It’s so helpful to have trips organized like that... the search doesn’t work well enough to filter out promo flight emails from my flight confirmation ones. Please add trip bundles to Gmail since you’re not supporting that app anymore. - Memexmermaid

Inbox was better (2/5)
I liked Inbox much better. My main gripe with this app is that it doesn’t even function as a decent email application. Emails disappear when scrolling because of buggy ad system. - GamblinAddict

Spammy (1/5)
I hate that this app CONSTANTLY asks me if I want to open links in Google Chrome instead of Safari. NO, Google. I’ve said, “no” one million times before, I’ve checked “don’t ask again,” yet one hour later the app asks again. Finally done with it and am using the regular apple Mail app again. - stephcon

Missing Inbox (2/5)
I loved using the Inbox app. It kept my email inbox so organized. Now that I’m forced to use Gmail my inbox is a mess. I guess I wouldn’t have known what I was missing had they never had Inbox app. I no longer have the ability to delete in bulk and it’s not as good at recognizing promos and such. I just don’t even check my personal email anymore. It’s like avoiding a messy room in the house. - Yinse01

No instructions (3/5)
The app doesn’t really show you how to do things. I’m a student and I work so I have multiple emails. I had three, and I wanted to remove an old one, but the app shows NO way to do this. At all. It’s really frustrating that I can’t do something this simple. - JoeandSilentBob

Extra add-on??? (3/5)
How about an option or setting that would be able to delete messages in bulk or all of them at the same time? How about an option or setting that would is to set a time limit to when messages are automatically deleted,.... for instance, after 1 month the messages delete or whatever setting we have too it. If any of that makes sense or it’s already available, please contact me. - thetruthreviewwe

Basic CRITICAL security feature missing (1/5)
Gmail allows disabling of remote image download on its Android and browser based Gmail, but not on iOS. There are reasons for not wanting to download remote images embedded in even legitimate emails, such as evites, LinkedIn, or other emails that use embedded images for 'read' acknowledgement. Also, nothing is 100%, I will not rely on Google or any other company to completely protect my email security. - Android_drains_my_battery

Invisible message text (2/5)
All of a sudden, I can no longer see the text of messages in the Gmail app on my phone. I have to open the default mail app and/or go to Chrome and open up Gmail there to see message text. Not sure what’s going on here,but the Help forums aren’t that helpful. - docenglish

Email accounts overlapping??? (3/5)
I have 2 gmail accounts, one business and one personal, when I view either account through the app my messages are mixed up between my accounts. I am see my personal messages mixed in with my business account and my business messages mixed in with my personal account. It’s very confusing, please fix!! - Performing arts teacher

Keep Up the Great Work (5/5)
This app is easy to use and provides the options I need the most. I especially like how easy it is to switch from all inboxes for all accounts (work, personal, and family members') to individual inboxes for each account. Your swipe to delete or move setting is perfect for me. The iPhone mail app attempts to do that, but too often mixes up accounts when you move emails. Your's simplifies the process without errors. The Gmalify option has been useful as well, allowing me to connect a rarely used personal Yahoo email account to my main personal Gmail account. I read somewhere that you will be providing even greater options sometime in July. I'm looking forward to that, and hope it includes a readable dark mode. Thanks! - uncletimothy

Doesn’t play well with Apple 。 (1/5)
Can not attach a pdf from Apple Files 。 - Sbmluver

. (3/5)
Hi - UrBoiSeahorse

Managing my emails is a mess! (1/5)
Really annoying to not be able to delete multiple emails is sub folders! Now I have hundreds of unread emails unless I log in from a computer. Please bring back inbox. It was so much better. - Nate in MI

Gmail (1/5)
I’m on a phone nots multi screen computer worthless 2 step verification may as well delete the app - oplm76

Unreliable Connectivity with Drive (2/5)
Previous versions would show your files on Drive and make attaching very easy. Now, Gmail app shows “No files,” making you use the Drive app to copy/paste links. Waste of time, Google. Waste of time. - Still Wild Stallion

Greatness (5/5)
In my opinion Gmail is loads better than yahoo and others - Esquire614

ICS file support? (4/5)
Gmail works well. Does what I need it to do for the most part, except for integrating ICS files with the native calendar app on iOS. Please add support for this. - tvieso

Mark Aaron wortham my privacy was violated by you guys (1/5)
IOS for gmail 2019 owner mark a wortham -

Highlighting (3/5)
Gmail works for most of my simple needs, but dang, the whole trying to scroll and highlight something to cut and paste is a pain in the butt. I don’t know if this is an Apple iOS issue or gmail, but I figured this was the place to share it. - Gazorpazorp57

Still doesn’t support proper multitasking (1/5)
Somehow STILL doesn’t support split views. Overall, the new design feels like one step forward, one step backward, and several steps missed. - GreySim

WTH Happened? (1/5)
My 3 email addresses are all lumped together. I use one for a home based biz, one for grand baby gifts and sale items and the 3rd is for me. Now their all lumped together and I have no way to keep tell them apart unless I click the drop down arrow on each individual email. How do I make this downgrade stop??? - Seaside Sinderella

Don’t Bother (1/5)
The app literally doesn’t even work. It just says “error” - bribripigglewiggle

Log out (1/5)
Bagaimana cara log put akun gmain yg baru ini - andri(NimPoungse)

Make text suggestions go away (2/5)
Do away with the text suggestions while typing an email or at least make them optional. There are few things more annoying than an app trying to guess what I want to say. I can speak for myself thank you very much. - WittyAspie

Don’t waste your time (1/5)
I try to email people and before it worked then suddenly it keeps saying that “Email sent failed” it annoys the crap outta me!! Fix your crap Gmail!! - 14625536456

Text barely readable (3/5)
Font family of choose is terrible. Not suitable for reading. No customization over font family, weight, or size. - 不懂起名的人

Thank you for finally getting rid of conversation mode (5/5)
You should fire the person who said that was a must have feature and promote the person who advocated for the option to turn off. - Gccvhhfdkkfghh

Keep up the great work this app is really easy to use - lxfxglxpyfguotdkzhuuuu

I can see my emails which are not sent to that email (4/5)
I can an Email for my other accounts on an account which isn’t sent to. - B.A Kirk

Can’t attach files from my folders (2/5)
I don’t know if this is because of a recent update but I am unable to attach any of my PDFs and other files directly from my phones folders. I can only send them via google drive link. Plus I hate the sponsored ad I get from this. Which is why I use a third part email client now for my personal gmail. For work I think gmail is okay. - AJ from SJ

Gmail (5/5)
Big fan of gmail! - •Mustang1966•

Combined inbox (2/5)
I used to love the gmail app but I use it for multiple gmail accounts and it is no longer possible to view separate inboxes for separate accounts and this makes it very unpleasant to use - EricyWaters

Limited functionality (3/5)
I use my iPad and phone predominately for my work as I am constantly on the go. I do not understand why there is no way to use the app to edit the labels! I can only do this on my desktop and it severely hinders me since I rarely have access to that. I want to be able to nest labels, to move files around the labels, etc. Please fix this! - Ssully9924

Absolutely agree (1/5)
The previous comment sums it up entirely for me, including why I won’t use it. - MusesMaker

Inbox categories (1/5)
Bring back the inbox categories with promotional and social. Now I see everything and it’s hard to organize my email. - Petey pete 9

Last month I got flooded with spam (1/5)
Seriously Gmail, what's up with all the spam recently? - dontcareever

Change email address (1/5)
I have been hacked into and want to discontinue my present email and make a new gmail account. - nedgmail

Prefer Inbox by Google (3/5)
I prefer Inbox over Gmail. I could control what emails I would get incoming notifications about. Inbox had a cleaner more modern look. It was more organized and user friendly. Please bring back Inbox. - Samuel ace

Font size (3/5)
Font size is absurdly small. Not going to change a system wide setting just for this dumb app. No issues with any other iOS app. - soundneedle

MAD (3/5)
Hot mail is BETTER 🙄🙄🙄 - Nick@2525

Signature placement useless (1/5)
Please put the signature where it belongs. It does no good being at the very bottom of the thread. - Shanteecan

Do they even test it? (1/5)
How does this update even get a pass from quality control? Do they even test it? This latest update broke the top bar. If you select multiple emails and try to delete, nothing happens. Those top buttons quit working. This bug appeared in a version a few years ago, and now its back. Who the hell do you have programming this crap? You dont even test basic features. Ridiculous. - Jeff3759944