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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team. Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes. Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture. NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer. Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365

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Stop shift ratings (1/5)
Like all my shifts, this is getting one star. Stop this unneeded and arbitrary review. - Rockhut

This App Needs To Be Re-Worked Concerning So Many Things. Including It’s Proper Uses And Availability Issues With Employers/ Companies Scheduling Procedures Before Downloading Such An App. WHILE: Being Really Well Skilled Around Computers/Technology As Well As The Understanding Of App Technology. This App Is Like A Submarine With A Screen-Door On It. - Cris Pian

Zero Stars (1/5)
Wish I could give zero stars. Classic example of “too big to tail;” i.e. protected bc it’s so widely used and it’s privacy policies favor corporations instead of the majority of its users. And it’s super slow. Update your system! No reason why it takes 5 minutes to load sometimes. You have everyone’s money already! Invest back into your software! 🙄 - Timboski

Should be free for all the glitches (1/5)
Honestly it’s not worth $2.99 and I wouldn’t even recommend someone to use this again. Always glitching or stuck on a loading screen. Setting your availability is also not an easy task because the way it is set up makes no sense. - belannr

Not Schedules is the worst (1/5)
Clunky interface, need to use the full website to make more detailed changes in settings, settings/notifications don’t work as designed, not even close to intuitive. It’s the worst scheduling app on the employee side out there. Maybe businesses use it because the app charges us to buy it and it’s cheaper for them? - Mov36tch

Nickel and Dining the Ones Required to Use It to Know When They Work (1/5)
Just seems crazy to not only charge the business for this scheduling system but then we, the team members, are basically forced into buying the app as well. Sure you can save a shortcut or the site but good luck on your iPhone! - Corey Allen Kimball

Make Sunday the First Day of the Week!!!! (2/5)
The week starts on Sunday through Saturday. When doing your scheduling it starts with Saturday with Sunday being the last day at the bottom of the list. I’m never sure if it’s the first Sunday of that week or the Sunday of the following week. FIX THAT WHERE SUNDAY IS AT THE TOP OF THE SCHEDULING LIST. - kirbymnpd

Won’t stop asking me to rate shift (1/5)
Have gotten 12 notifications in the last hour asking me to rate my last shift. Not only do not want to rate my shift, I don’t need a dozen notifications asking me to when I declined the first time. - pissedatyournotifications

Flawless (5/5)
People must get paid to down vote this app because it works perfectly fine on my iPhone 6. I don’t have auto update on my phone and never had a problem logging in or had problems with using the app. - Durial32l

Worst scheduling app ever (1/5)
It should not be up to the employers to show what time they have you scheduled till... it should be mandatory - Orhnry

Calendar sync repeats (2/5)
I have used the app off and on for 10 years and have always loved its convenience and efficiency. But for the past few months it will add multiple shifts on the same day to my calendar. I can have ten of the same shift on one date and it’s getting frustrating. My calendar and alarms are getting out of hand. Please fix. - Brittanyyy18

Good app (4/5)
It’s a great convenience but mine freezes up once a week and I have to redownload it...frustrating. - alm0426

hot scheduals feedback (4/5)
i like the app more now because you can easily see a total of hours scheduled so you can add shifts if needed and you can think about how many breaks for the week - kdmreeses

AWFUL (1/5)
This new update is AWFUL!! I do like the fact that you can see how many hours you have a week, BUT now I don’t have the option to request of lunch or evening. It’s either all day off or all day on. So I tried doing I’m in safari and it looks as tho you can choose the day but manually enter the start time and end??? Idk anyways I tried doing it that way then, it seemed to have worked in safari HOWEVER the app say I didn’t pick up anything. This is going to pose a HUGE issue because I use hot-schedules to my advantage when ever I can. FIX FIX FIX FIX!!! Please and soon. I have to be able to do my schedule 2 weeks in advance and this is gonna screw EVERYTHING up - Hunterngabbyh

Slow (1/5)
Why is the app so slow loading up it’s not my connection please fix it - frostconnection

Use internet instead of app (1/5)
This app is TERRIBLE! Hardly loads and is extremely slow. Can’t even check messages if another screen is loading. Why did I even pay for this app? To pay people to do a crappy job?? Need new developers cause the web works so much better. Always loads and you never have to worry about not seeing your schedule when you forget what time you work - jonathonloves goku

Text messages do not work. (2/5)
Text messages do not work. - Gotogal70

Bad app. (1/5)
I need to use this app in order to see my work schedule. Each time the app requires an update, for some reason it does not let me. I try multiple times to update it, on and off WiFi, over many days and it doesn’t let me. This then leads to me having to delete the app and repurchase it. I have been charged $3.19 for this app multiple times, twice just this month, and that is ridiculous. - alyssa_brooke33

Full of bugs (1/5)
This app is garbage. For an app that so many rely on for knowing work schedules and communicating with coworkers, the fact that it doesn’t work most of the time is RIDICULOUS. Also, WHAT is with the “rate your shift” nonsense?!? - brit0735927

After I needed an update it wouldn’t provide with one AND I CANT REDOWNLOAD THE APP !! - Stefmewmew

No longer receiving notifications or emails (1/5)
No longer receiving notifications or emails Regarding shift changes schedule changes messages or decisions regarding swaps. I rely on HotSchedules to make it so that I can modify my schedule quickly and pick up shifts quickly before other team members can and with no notifications going out I cannot do that. - Lariiii💜

Good but. (4/5)
For the love of god, make scheduling available on the iPad app. You would think after the time this program has been available you would have figured it out by now. I use my ipad for work almost every day and when i have to make scheduling adjustments i have to go to my desktop or my laptop. This shouldn’t be difficult with the backing you have. But other than that. fantastic fantastic program. - firecubeVx2

Logout bug and notification spam (1/5)
Besides the obvious downfall of this being a decent application, why in the hell are you spamming me to rate my shift? You’re implementing rate my app bs into a scheduling application? Please for all things holy, stop adding stupid nonsense to this already decent app. I can post logs of my job with sales reports, post a schedule, make approvals...that parts great. Now you harass me to rate my shift and I’m forced to turn notifications off because it won’t stop. Every 5 minutes, even if I click it. Sometimes it’s every 30 seconds! Are you kidding me?! Now I’ll check approvals on my own instead of being notified since you make me waste my time on nonsense. Already in the process of convincing my employers of phasing you out due to these stupid features and consistent problems that you bestow upon yourself. - cantplayheerthstone

Terrible, rip-off. Want my $ back! (1/5)
This is simply the worst, most terrible app I’ve ever downloaded onto my device. It never sends me notifications, it crashes 9/10 when I try to view my schedule. It always makes me re-log in (although my info is saved) Totally unreliable. I have to spend 10-15 mins trying to find my schedule and am never notified for example, if I’m suddenly scheduled the next day. This app is garbage, I can’t believe I had to buy this trash in order to get my schedule. Total rip-off - z^90

Log in every time (2/5)
Why do I have to log into the app every time if it’s on my phone?? Please fix - Trkrocks

Please stop logging me out. I need the notification when my boss uploads the schedule. - Tommy10 01

Opens maybe 3% of the time (1/5)
Randomly logs me out and only opens 3% of the time. For as long as HotSchedules has been in the game, they sure are a letdown - Say Uncle425

App won’t open (1/5)
Doesn’t open can’t see my schedule. I rely on this app so this is very frustrating - Spifferific

Glitchy (1/5)
App spends a lot of time loading and fails to load after several minutes. It’s very frustrating to try to check what time you’re supposed to be at work when the app never loads quickly. - BeckyLynn12290

App is good, just need some fixes (4/5)
The app usually works perfectly fine, but lately it’s been having a problem where it signs you out every single time, it would be better like before to leave you signed in instead of having to sign in twice every single time. - Javi Apple

Last update screwed (1/5)
The last update messed this entire app up! Every person I work with has issues consistently since then. It’s barely possible to see our schedules let alone make any schedule requests. Please fix!! - CGray0714

Never works (1/5)
This app is great when you can actually use it. But it works less than half of the times I try to log in. It always freezes and won’t even let you see your schedule most of the time. Don’t know why it’s so hard to fix these issues but it is extremely frustrating. I would not use it if I could help it, but my employer uses it so I have no choice. - wesnile1996

Crazy you have to pay for an app that never works!!!! (1/5)
I’m logged out almost every time I open the app and that’s only if the app even loads! I can’t believe they’re charging people for this crappy app. - F_erguSon

Does not load (1/5)
Does not load half the time Waste of money - FRANKRDGZ

Needs a fix (1/5)
Used to work alright but recently has been terrible. Often won’t even load. - G$jones

Literally crashes 24/7 and take forever to load (2/5)
It takes not joke almost 3 minutes to load the app sometimes. Then whenever I click on the time I work a shift it takes another ten years, please fix this I’ve tried on multiple WiFi’s and data it’s just not working man - nohbyelsek

app is garbage (1/5)
consistently has issues loading up. consistently logs me out. incredibly unreliable waste of money - tontig190

Horrible (1/5)
This past update has been the worst so far. Taking up to an hour to load sometimes not even then. Works horribly both on and off WiFi! Can’t wait for the next update, too bad I can Un-update because I definitely would! - Garz13

Crashes or freezing now (1/5)
U gonna fix this or no? - missionmac

It used to be worth (4/5)
My app is also pushing calendar syncs Constantly! I end up with 50-60 calendar events on each shift I am scheduled. I’ve spoken to hotschedules, outlook, Apple, and my restaurants IT dept and no one can figure it out. Since the last update it takes my app 30-40 seconds to show anything on the screen. It feels like a long time when you’re staring at a blank screen waiting for it to load ... - chantelina 11

Trash (1/5)
Doesn’t work anymore. The browser interface is trash now as well but this is about the app. I have token errors every time, so I have to renter my password but now I can’t even get that far into that app. It’s just a spinning dial for days now. - erickanimal

Slow as hell (3/5)
It’s amazing at getting schedules and picking up shifts, but this app is slow as hell and won’t even load for me a lot of times. This is a vital app in my work life, therefore I’d kindly like to suggest getting the continuous loading fixed. Every other app in my phone will work except for this one. Signal or WiFi. My schedule hasn’t loaded for 24 hours. - Minecraffbdvv

Need Devs help (3/5)
My app is not working lately. I restart phone. Still nothing. What can I do? Thank you - Redric Yor

So slow (1/5)
If the app ever loads, it’s a decent app but 9/10 times you’re stuck looking at a blank screen. - Don Albino

Slow (2/5)
Idk what happened but the last month or so this app takes a horrific long time to open and sometimes takes a few minutes to send a message. Not happy with this app lately. Hope you guys can fix this issue. It’s already grown old - scam100

BRUH. (1/5)
This app is a joke and the fact that I HAVE to use because of my job is even more annoying. I’m constantly logged out of the app and when I try to log back in, it will tell me my password/username is incorrect. Although it will work perfectly fine via the website. - dangerouslycautious

Never Loads!!! (1/5)
This app has become increasingly horrible. Never loads. Constantly logging me out. Horrible app and not worth the money. This issue has been occurring for months and the developers clearly don’t care because they haven’t attempted to fix the bugs by not releasing any updates. - BonerAttack

Will not load (1/5)
I’ve been having problems with this app for almost a year now. With this new update, I can’t even access the app past the login point! - talic10

Stupid (1/5)
This stupid app won’t even open on my phone it won’t load and I can’t even use it some days. - kamie raeann

This app is garbage. (2/5)
This app has so much potential and can be so useful but you can never guarantee the app will load, you can never guarantee it will keep you logged in, you can’t even guarantee the app will even open. For having to pay for an app you’d think it at least work. - Risljfnr